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The Birthday Wish List

Dear friends and other interesting creatures,

My Victoria reminded me that I must please make a birthday gift list. Yes, it is very self absorbed. I make no apologies. I love my birthday. So here are some things I’m crushing on at the moment.

🌿 Make a donation to the Theatre Benevolent Fund. I asked my friends to use the reference #BeKind and perhaps donate a token R46 as I’m turning 46. Don’t let this stop you making a bigger donation if you wish! 😊

🌿 I love Yellow roses.

🌿 White chocolate. Yes, I know some don’t regard it as proper chocolate. I still love it!

🌿 Gift voucher towards audio books via Audible or Amazon vouchers for my Kindle.

🌿 Book voucher at any other outlet. There is a huge selection of local books I need to READ. MF Books are releasing books faster than I can afford to buy them. I am crazy obsessed with books and Melinda as a publisher!

🌿 Bath bombs, fancy lemongrass soap, bath oils and bubble bath! I love to bath, so anything to make bath time more indulgent… yes please! One can never have enough bath goodies.

🌿 I love these Butterfly keyring idea with my kids names on it. I’m a sucker for anything that is personalised.

🌿 Pretty, funky socks! My big sock drive was at my 38th birthday, so 8 years later, I would love me some new cool socks.

🌿 The best facial I have ever had was at Beauty On The Lake. That would be an amazing treat. They pull out all the stops and although I have only been there once, it made a huge impression on me.

🌿 I would love a session in one of those salt water floating chambers, like the one at Solstice Day Spa. Apparently you feel like you had an extra 4 hours sleep. That will do me!

🌿 I love the Betty Blue range, especially the Baobab shade… Victoria says the style of these shoes remind her of school shoes by I love them! With bags and purses to match… you can’t go wrong! Costly however.

🌿 If anyone has great superpowers the greatest gift will be to spend time with my kids, all together! Kinda difficult with my Liam James living over the sea. 😦

What excitement! Huge gratitude and love and joy and happiness and blessings!



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  1. Mmm.

    Thinking about stuff now

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