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Parallel legoverse.

Dear friends and other interesting creatures,

I love anything personalised. From my car number plate to my coffee mug and random T-shirts were thrown in. Let’s just say I was that kid at school that did not mind putting their name on every, single, pen, pencil, eraser …

There may be some deep psychological issues for that.

A year or so back, I was thrilled to receive a Lego custom made purple haired #minime from Mini-Me. My #minime gets around. 😊 That girl loves an outing!

It was time for @SirNoid to join my Legoverse so I created a fun #minime version of him.

@SirNoid loves @f1 and supports @ferrari, so I thought a little one Formula One racing person is quite suitable.

I’ve become quite the F1 fan since I met @SirNoid in 2008. I am not so big on teams, but rather on personalities and I support @lewishamilton. No apologies.

Now there is something most people do not know about me. 😉 I enjoy F1 and getting the Yellow Cap in Superbru or anytime my score is higher than my husbands actually.

@SirNoid also heads up a Crew from all over the world while playing @csrracing on his cell phone, so I ordered his #minime a phone.

Yes, grown ass men do this. Many it appears. These people have an actual WhatsApp group! It’s wild card time at 19h30 daily … so if you see @SirNoid sneak off, it is to give instruction and feedback, inspiration and support to the “Velocity Hunters”. 👍

@SirNoid ‘s #minime was kitted out by me with:

  • A racing helmet.
  • A red cap. Think Niki Lauda’s trademark red cap.
  • Grey hair.
  • A coffee mug.
  • …. and a hairy chest for when SirNoid’s #minime wants to live his best life! 😂

The best part is that all the Lego pieces from #minime is interchangeable, so @SirNoid can instantly become a cross-dresser, a purple-haired boxer just like I can now be a racing driver with a hairy chest. #yassssqueen 😁

I love all the accessories… tiny pets, a golf club, laptop, hairbrush, handbag etc that you can purchase for your #minime to be “hashtag blessed”!

Told you, I’m #14forever. 🙄

Check out their website. The ordering process is easy and uncomplicated. I received my order via courier to our home within a day or two.

BTW, today, Thursday, 20 June 2019 is having a 50% off sale.

I would like to see what creations you come up with. Tag me on Instagram or Facebook – @NocturnalWenchy.

Have fun!

I wish you enough,


2 responses to “Parallel legoverse.”

  1. I love my #minime


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  2. You definitely sound like a kid in a candy store explaining the piece.

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