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Roasting Jacks

Dear friends and other interesting creatures,


There is a new Chicken in town, roasting at The Wedge Shopping Centre. Roasting Jacks opened late 2018 and their succulent offering is available both during lunch and at supper time. While you can pick up your Chick (or have it delivered via UberEats) and get on your bike, I would encourage you to sit down in the attractive dark wood, naked bulb Bistro.

You can expect a rotisserie Chicken flirting with the traditionally French, offering a variety of sides while keeping the spotlight fixated on the Chicken. Although to be fair, the deep-fried blooming onion is putting up quite a performance to steal the show, even with the Chicken showing a bit of leg.

The Chicken is cooked to perfection and served in generous amounts. RJ’s are very proud of their gourmet mayo that you may choose to dabble in. There is the RJ House Mayo, Dijon Mayo, Hot Mayo or even Hot Sauce, and my favourite, the Roasted Garlic Mayo.

With both crispy hand-cut potatoes and crinkle cut sweet potato on offer, I could not choose a favourite. Both appealed to my African Hips that do not lie and was delicious. I did not enjoy the cold potato salad with mayo and chopped pickles. I couldn’t quite put my taste bud on it, so I swallowed and moved on.

The freshly baked Baguette Plain or Sourdough is a must for me. Obviously not banting. Love me some fresh Sourdough and butter was not on the extinct list.

Even with coriander, I gave the Corn Slaw a miss as I’m old enough to leave the table without my Mammie forcing me to eat things I do not like. Slaw and I not being in the same WhatsApp group.

I did like the Spicy Corn Salsa which delivers a bit of an unexpected kick. @SirNoid did devour the RJ Pickle, and as he is not on Survivor it was not from hunger, but enjoyment.

I do want to mention the RJ Spritzer, made with Sparkling Water. I had the Mint and Lemonade and I do believe as the weather gets warmer, this is going to be a very popular list of thirst quenchers.

Strawberry and Thyme, Watermelon and Ginger, Cucumber, Basil and Celery (okay, maybe not that last one, but that is just my personal taste) sound dreamy.

I would like to give the Ceasar and RJ House Salad a try next time, but I know me, I’ll probably just order another Gingerbread Milkshake (wickedly delicious) but to be brutally honest, I feel I missed out not tasting the Espresso Brownie with caramelised white chocolate ganache so that will be my fifty shades of sugar.

I wish you enough, Wenchy

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