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Look what my Mistress Anxiety made today … Choc Chip biscuits from scratch!

Dear friends and other interesting creatures,

I’m no Master Baker or Master Chef but I am a Master at living with Generalised Anxiety Disorder.

I remember my first panic attack at six years of age, vividly. Yes, I’m on meds. Yes, I have a therapist… No, I don’t judge you because you once didn’t call your overbearing Mom till after you had a glass of wine. I too am an overbearing mom. #originalcast

I embraced a suggestion from my BFF, Wilhelm see Will’s Tasty Treats (over 15 years of sincere friendship and ample kicking of my ass) to help deal with the excessive anxiety I’ve been dealing with lately.

With severe fatigue from Fibromialgia and my relentless mistress, Anxiety, it can be hard to get going energy wise … 🌱 BUT I’ve been directing my anxious emotions into achievement. Probably not a great idea that I can eat my achievement, no matter how small the (tin of) biscuit. 😉

I’ve started baking very basic bits and pieces, especially using the first Foodies of South Africa Cookbook (released in 2018), check them out on Facebook and Instagram.

The Foodies have not been my only inspiration, but the ease and great ideas make me feel it is possible to create something edible and fun! … before I run out of steam.

My baking ingredients is provided by my very supportive and confused hubby @SirNoid. Remember, this man has not seen me reach for anything but a keyboard to accept a dinner invitation. He is a great cook and makes fabulous coffee! @SirNoid is also fantastic in Tweeting and posting on Instagram his experiences when I review a restaurant. 😀

My actual baking utilities is not Instagram worthy. I have a Tupperware (not plastic) bowl dating back to my first marriage (I was 17 when I got married. I’m 46 now. ) I’m mixing ingredients with a wooden spoon that may once have been a part of a set to dish up salad. Clearly a gift. I would never have purchased such.

I have two plastic jug things that measure liquids and cups sizes are very estimated… shall we say? 😋

I have no food scale, although I did find my old Weigh-Less scale in the room Liam James used, and it was clearly last used by someone named Mary Jane! 🙈 You owe me Liam!

My daughter Ky discovered I do have a rolling pin before she left for Germany. That girl is such a gift.

I also have a silicone muffin mould tray and a mini loaf thingie. Totally winning at mental health by baking you can tell!

Oh, BTW – I have even made dinner twice this week and it is only Wednesday! Stepford Wife in Soviet trainers, purple hair and acrylic nails.

Anxiety can be all consuming. If you have found something that is helping you, I would love to hear about it!

🌿 🥂

I wish you enough,


Disclaimer :

🌱 This is not a spondored post. The Foodies of South Africa group grasp my level of non expertise and I like creating goodies with the less ingredients the better. They are launching a second cookbook in October 2019. Purple glitter is expensive people, so I may have money for that in 2020!

2 responses to “Look what my Mistress Anxiety made today … Choc Chip biscuits from scratch!”

  1. The battle is real and I applaud you every day for trying, no matter how hard it gets.

    It appears focus on something else, like the baking, has helped on some levels and you should be proud.

    I must say many of your recent creations have been more than edible😉.

    Love you Baby

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  2. It’s not for everyone, but when I feel anxious I like to go somewhere quiet surrounded by green things and just breathe. Botanical gardens for instance.

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