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August 2019 : Woman’s Month Guest Posts Submissions

Dear friends and other interesting creatures,

Every August I invite individuals identifying as female, to share my digital space.

If you would like to write a piece in the form of a blog or have me interview you via email (or in-person 😉) – all in celebrating the essence of being a woman – please join in. On condition that your contribution is authentic, 🌿any and all subjects🌿 are welcome.

Besides giraffes, I’m rather fond of men, so no generalised male-bashing, please.

Careers, parenting, sexuality, gender, health, relationships, LGBTQ+, mental health, equality, beauty, food, hospitality, books, theatre, sex, religion, fashion, events, restaurants, grief, love, lust, favourite condiment in your kitchen, weddings, jewellery, animals, business, comedy, blogging, your neighbours, tourism …

Shameless self-promotion so is all yours! I will be linking your post on my site, back to your blog, and/or any other social media platforms you provide. Around 350 words and a picture relating to your piece, or a snappy of the Author.

Anonymous posts are welcome. 😊

If this appeals to you, please mail your contributions to

🌱 I love doing this annually and look forward to hearing from you.


I wish you enough


🌿 🥂

3 responses to “August 2019 : Woman’s Month Guest Posts Submissions”

  1. Love this!!

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  2. What must I include in the submission mama?

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    1. Hello Nonto! So lovely to hear from you. You can mail me your submission, around 350 words but more or less is just fine. Any pictures you would like included as well as links to your blog or web address if you have one, your social media handles if you like, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. You can mail me at – I wish you enough, Wenchy


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