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Parrilla Bar and Grill – Tappas Review

Dear friends and other interesting creatures,

@SirNoid and I were invited to visit Parrilla Bar and Grill on a lazy Sunday afternoon. I was in the mood for a spot of live music, and Soul Picnic was just the thing after a bit of Facebook stalking.

We enjoyed the following from the Tapas Menu.

BABA GANOUSH DIP 🍃 toasted pine nuts, pomegranates & pita bread

@SirNoid was not sold on this dish, even with the fancy name. I may have mentioned chickpeas and vegetarian in passing. Must have reminded my husband of going Green and we are not quite that politically correct as yet.

This dish was, however, my favourite on the Tapas menu. Loved the texture definition between the dip and pine nuts. The addition of the acidity of the pomegranate with its impressive nutrient profile was a win for me. Served with soft, fresh baby pita bread (delivered fresh daily, not baked on-site) to scoop up the delight.


I should have paid closer attention to what exactly we were ordering instead of losing myself in singing along to Soul Picnic, as I would usually shy away from the word “spicy”. A lover of Prawns I dashed in there but was very quickly aware of the spicy bits. Not my dream dish but it looked so pretty!

@SirNoid was quite keen on the Spicy Prawns, and the Thai sauce received a good dipping.

TEMPURA KINGKLIP POPS sticky Asian dressing, lime crema & spring onion

This Japenese dish was devoured by us both. The sticky Asian dressing was the kind you wanted to dip your finger into the bowl just to make sure you get every last drop.

The Kingklip was cooked beautifully and the lime cream and spring onion was the perfect companion. Highly recommend them Pops!

CRISPY WINGS sticky sriracha glaze & toasted sesame seeds

You too have the Google. Use it if you do not know what a word means. I should have looked up the word “Sriracha”. Google says is a type of hot sauce or chilli sauce made from a paste of chilli peppers, distilled vinegar, garlic, sugar, and salt. … and I thought the word spicy meant living on the edge!



Even @SirNoid found the wings a bit on the hot side, yet they appeared to have great appeal and he finished them. I had one so I could burn for not using the Google.

BEEF RIBS ginger & soy dressing

Tasty, full of flavour but lacked the tenderness @SirNoid expected. I too was not overly impressed or amazed, yet it was good. So average.

ROASTED BONE MARROW bone marrow butter & sourdough toast

I loved the toast because yay carbs – but I am not a great bone marrow lover so this was for @SirNoid to enjoy. His feedback was that it was tasty, scrumptious, loved the presentation and was exactly what he had been craving. Up there with the best he had ever had. Winner!

Parrilla Bar and Grill provided a relaxing afternoon exploring great food and listening to chilled music.

The dining area is separate from the bar area which appealed to me as sport was entertaining the bar guests and a session of live music was heaven in the dining area. The same menu is available in the bar area if that is your jam BTW!

If you looking for a quiet romantic spot I would avoid Friday nights which I’ve heard is a bit of a party night but as for the rest of the time, romance away!

I will be posting a second blog with main meals and dessert options.

I wish you enough,

Wenchy🌿 🥂

2 responses to “Parrilla Bar and Grill – Tappas Review”

  1. Yum!! All the spice has my name written all over it!! I’ll devour everything aside from the prawn (allergy issues)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You will love it, my dear friend!


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