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Review: Moafrika Tours – Day Trip to Soweto

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Soweto received its name from the first two letters of South Western Township, which is what the area was first named in 1956 with and now home to an estimated 3.5 million people. When visiting Johannesburg, you would be poorer for not visiting Soweto.

Soweto Welcome

Soweto holds an abundance of history, rich stories and what some may say is interesting foods and beer! The full-day in-depth tour shows you the sparkle, the distress and the joy of Soweto and its people, all of which you can experience with a day tour with MoAfrika Tours.

What’s included in MoAfrika Tours Full-Day Tour

Our Tour Guide from MoAfrika Tours, Tsholo, was phenomenal. He shares my positive enthusiasm and deep love for Africa. Tsholo is knowledgeable, keen to answer questions and has a delightful sense of humour. Spending the day with him and our fun, instant bond tour group (where none of us knew each other!) was a delight!

Here are some pictures of our day together with MoAfrika Tours taking us all over Soweto.


Elias Motsoaledi informal settlement

Elias Motsoaledi informal settlement

Elias Motsoaledi informal settlement

Although I have visited Soweto many times. Each time I visit I learn something new. The division between rich and poor. The faces of people stay with me. Some happy and smiling and others sad and defeated. But mostly there is HOPE everywhere. From small children playing in the dust to old men making their way home, I’ve always been greeted with a big smile.

MoAfrika Tours was my favourite guided tour to date. We had great banter as a group. Our tour guide as awesome. Our transport was comfortable and each area was explained in detail and questions were answered without shying away from the truth.

Wenchy in Soweto Elias Motsoaledi informal settlement

Thank you for letting me enjoy your hospitality!

I wish you enough,



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  1. Please can we do it?

    Sounds amazing!!

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