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Review : Pictionary Air™

Dear friends and other interesting creatures,

“Quick Sketches, Hillarious Guesses”

When I was a teenager back in 1985 when this ultimate party game hit, I was not a Pictionary fan. I cannot draw anything more exciting than a stick figure … and I just didn’t like looking silly.

These days I don’t mind poking fun at my not so gifted attributes so bring it on!

Pictionary has evolved over the years and the latest offering is a win. Why? It appeals to my love for technology and laughter.

With Pictionary Air™, the party gets started with dividing the players in two. Eight people is a win but even four would enjoy it.

You download the app.

You draw with a kinda fat pen looking like a wand that requires an AA battery.

The app keeps track of scores modes and settings. You can capture your experience and if you live out loud like me, you will probably share it to social media.

“Charades in pictures” 🤣 retails at around R499 but I did see it recently on special at Makro for R399. Go check it out!

While an excellent addition to your family time entertainment, it would also make a great gift!

I wish you enough,


2 responses to “Review : Pictionary Air™”

  1. It is clearly awesome fun.

    Cannot wait to play again!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes because CAN draw!!! 🎀 ha ha


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