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Liza Clifford Studio : Sports Bra

Dear friends and other interesting creatures,

During my fitting at Liza Clifford Bra Studio I learned that for years I have been buying the wrong size bra! I’d been purchasing a 44DD when in fact my correct size was a 38GG.

Liza Clifford Studio is size-inclusive, (a term I learned from Hayley Joy) meaning it caters for woman of all sizes.

The sports bra is AMAZING! I could jump up and down and with proper support, my breast stayed where they are supposed to. (Not knocking me out for example. 😁)

Although I love beautiful lingerie, this bra was the game changer for me. I finally found a sports bra that I could put myself in any of the Yoga positions I’ve attempted feeling self-confident. Pair that with some Hayley Joy leggings and it is a total winner!

I wish you enough,



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