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Christmas. Done.

    • My daughter, Victoria and long-time apprentice son in law, Jeandré visited @SirNoid and I quite unexpectedly for Christmas.
    • @SirNoid may as well have slaughtered a sheep for the proverbial return, as he roasted the biggest lamb I’ve ever seen in our oven. He prepared it beautifully and we all enjoyed it tremendously. Well done husband. You did amazing.

SirNoid & Wenchy

    • We all ate too much and settled to watch Klaus on Netflix… and we were all soon fast asleep!
    • I woke up after the movie ended to hear our dear Jeandré impressing with his plumbing skills sorting out some hick up with our newly acquired dishwasher. Feeling a sense of gratitude all around.
    • Victoria helped me finish up the three their Pavlova which I ended up so impressed with. I made a thing babe! 😊
    • My eldest son Kev, apprentice daughter in law, Max and about to become a British dog, Dingo arrived.

Max, Kev, Wenchy, Victoria & Jeandré

  • Tears.
  • Victoria and I are really heartsore having both her older brothers leaving the country.
  • I think both of us feel the loss of not getting to know Max even better right now. We are very fond of dear Max. Glad her and Kev will be going together.
  • Life… seriously have moments where it is no fun.
  • Liam James eagerly awaits his big brother’s arrival in the UK. So, happiness on the other side of the world awaits.
  • #LeSigh
  • Almost 1am. Happy Boxing Day or whatever we are supposed to call it these days.
  • Then, I’ve never been big on political correctness. Thank goodness some things never change!

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