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How to renew your Drivers Licence card. (UPDATED)

Dear friends and other interesting creatures,

Some helpful hits on renewing your Drivers Licence card.

Step 1: Go online with optimistic enthusiasm:

Step 2: Click on DL Card Renewal.

Step 3: Complete your details and confirm you are not a robot.

Step 4: Eventually you get to a screen with a drop down list once you selected your Province. It will show you the slots available to book, and where.

Surprise! There may be no slots available.

Step 5: Log on daily and go through this process until you finally find an available slot. Remain optimistic.

Step 6: Take a photocopy of your ID and previous lisence on the same page with to your appointment. Also a black pen. Some lisence departments only take cash. Same take cards. To be safe, I would take both.

You will need photos if you are also applying for a temporary lisence.

Step 7: Arrive for your appointment an hour before. Fill in the green form and get in line. The time you booked will be called and move to a new spot.

Step 8: Next is an eye test. There has been an upgrade since I’ve last been. The eye test administrator also does your finger prints and takes a picture.

Step 9: Move over to the Cashier line and pay R228.

Step 10: Apparently it takes six weeks to when it can be collected. I’ll let you know! 🙂

I wish us all patience,


3 responses to “How to renew your Drivers Licence card. (UPDATED)”

  1. I could comment about palookas, our government, state capture and such like but I will remain optimistic.
    Mine expired a while ago already!!

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    1. I’ll unfriend you if you negative nê?! #wink #yourrules


  2. Have just renewed my license in Plettenburg Bay and can’t believe how efficient and respectful the staff were. They explained everything so nicely which made the experience so professional and it only took 45 minutes. It was an absolute pleasure and the office was clean, not like the ones in JHB.

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