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Awesome Nail Product Review

Dear friends and other interesting creatures,

I have been biting my nails for as long as I’ve been dealing with anxiety, so basically since conception.

The product I reviewed, Betadine Emtrix is not a product to help you stop biting your nails.

It does improve the appearance, the quality of your nail bed, protecting and treating fungal infections and hence… healthier nails with no discolouration.

I used acrylic tips for years to cover up the shame of my awful looking nails. As much as it masked my terrible habit, it damaged my nail bed for life. Betadine Emtrix is awesome at helping repair my short comings. How often do you get to do that?

I now have my own long nails. Regardless of stress and anxiety, I do not bite my nails if it is painted. A healthy base, produces beautiful nails I can enjoy.

I wish you enough,

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