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Morag : 10 Random Things

Dear friends and other interesting creatures,

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  1. I adore cats! I would love to rescue way more than the 5 we currently have!
  2. I collect brass candle snuffers!
  3. Thanks to my hubby, I have a great love of steam trains. And trains, in general, of all sizes!
  4. I collect fine bone China and have a harlequin (made up of individual pieces with different patterns) dinner & tea service.
  5. Kruger National Park is the best place in the world & I would love to live there. Birding is my favourite part of the KNP in between seeing the bigger animals.
  6. Camping is my favourite way to spend the holidays.
  7. Camping with friends makes it even better!
  8. Crocheting is my sanity & I love making gifts for people. I seldom make things for myself – even if I do I end up giving them away!
  9. To go with the crocheting, I love yarn & can spend hours & money in a yarn store.
  10. I am blessed to be a saved child of the Risen & Living King who works in my life daily and blesses & loves me.

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I wish you enough,


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