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Victoria : 10 Random Things

Dear friends and other interesting creatures,

Today my only biological daughter, and Owner of Whisk Me Away shares 10 Random bits about herself.

Victoria 💙

1 I love playing Pokémon go, I’m even pretty good at it.

2 My cupcake business, Whisk Me Away has been an idea since matric (2017) and finally came to life in 2021.

3 All my best recipes were happy accidents.

4 I have a furbaby named after my favorite Brooklyn Nine Nine Character, Jake Peralta, who I am actually allergic to.

5 I can wiggle my ears.

6 My absolute favourite movie is The Iron Giant, and not enough people know it exists.

7 I stole someone’s pen so long ago, they now think it’s mine.

8 I do draw and make art, sometimes even freelance to make logos.

9 I have an near constant headache, and frequent migraines.

10 I believe cheese is a major food group, and I would die for baked cheesecake.

You can reach Whisk Me Away on Instagram or Facebook or contact Victoria on

If you want to be featured, contact me via WhatsApp on 0834117613 or email

I wish you enough,


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