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👉 #nofilter, #nomakeup #selfie was taken on #day57 😊

🧁 I’ve read it takes 21 days to make a habit and 90 days to make it a permanent lifestyle change. #day60 and I never want to go back to “one day” or #day1.

🧁The feeling of greater physical capability I am experiencing is freeing. The details are in the everyday activities that is much easier to accomplish.

🧁 An entire new world has open up to me. I still don’t want to go camping, so no need to ask me to blink twice if I’m okay 😂, but I have found amazing places I’d love to go walk / hike and perhaps crash in gorgeous surroundings for a night or two.

🧁 I’ve been noting #50things I’d like to do this year. It may be every day occurances for many, but for me, some of it falls under #icandohardthings. I’ve already ticked the box for a few items. Some points are indulgent, others are life experience I want to share with others… but I’ll share more about that next week. Dion is calling himself a “List Collaborator” now and I’m deffinately tapping into his various strengths. 😊 I’m very thankful.

🧁The non scale victories are much more exciting than the 11.5kg’s the scale reflects. I regret I did not take measurements when I started this journey.

🧁 My #purplehairdontcare is causing some irritation with having to be washed much more frequently with a daily exercise routine. I still want #mermaidhair however and have 30cm to go at most to be a proper mermaid 🧜‍♀️ 🙄.

🧁 Finding physical movement difficult is hard. Exercising daily is hard. #chooseyourhard! 🙂

I wish you enough, Wenchy

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  1. So proud of you Baby!

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