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Zoo Lake Picture Walk

Dear friends and other interesting creatures,

My list of #50things to do this year, included taking a picture at the Million Plus Recyclers frame at Zoo Lake that I drive past often.

✅ #50things

@SirNoid and I decided that #wecandohardthings and walked to #zoolake (3.5km from our front door to that frame) which included hearing a #lion roar as we passed the Joburg Zoo which was wild!

SirNoid & Wenchy

We walked around the Lake before heading back.

🌿 I’ve realised that to really get to know your surroundings, you should walk it. You meet with intricate details and interesting people.

Feathers are friends saying hello.

🌿 The pavements are much like our roads. You gotta check where you going. There could be an unfinished, uncovered municiple dugged hole, or a Blue Crane that may surprise you.

🌿 There is a huge public braai area at Zoo Lake which I had never seen before! It looked so festive.

🌿 Where Moyo’s use to be is a shell of a structure that will sadden you. A victim of the great pause that was #2020 I think.

🌿 TIFOSI SPORTS for the win! Most comfortable running (walking) shoes. Very comfortable and so light.

🌿 We met an informal photography group of young people. Loved their excitement and suggested they also visit The Wilds.

🌿 People dress up to visit the outdoors.  Children love balls and being outside. Balloon arches are all the rage. Must remember that for my birthday.

🌿 Even for walking, a proper #sportsbra makes a massive difference.

🌿 I silently thanked the many feet that walked the pathway before me so I didn’t have to walk in the longer grass. I was aware that to many this walk was not a joy, but a daily chore.

I wish you enough, Wenchy

One response to “Zoo Lake Picture Walk”

  1. It was such fun!


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