ѕнe’ѕ a ѕιlenт wallғlower – ѕaιd noвody ever!


Dear friends and interesting creatures,

My name is Wenchy. No surname. Think Cher… Madonna. They don’t need last names, why should I? Diva.

Naturally my parents did not look down at their gorgeous first born daughter and say.. “Ounooi, let’s call her WENCH but with a Y?  ” Bless.

My real and most proper name is beautiful and I have always loved it

I’ve been blogging for 19 years in September 2016 (yes, I started when you still coded a blog. I am clearly very old and also frail!) under the very windswept and exotic name “Wenchy”. As life online exploded, I continued using the nickname, Wenchy. Also tattooed on my body so nobody can get confused.

Just for the record…  #Selfies are nothing new children. It’s like sex.  Every generation claim to have discovered a new angle!  Pun intended.

I’m am the keeper of the picket fence of many colours. I’m married (serial bride I am) to @SirNoid, and Mom to many – in a very blended family.

We use the term “Mom” very lightly with hushed tones. I’ve come to the conviction watching other parental people that I am not a bake cookies from scratch kinda mom, I detest school events and my kids and I do attend gay pride.

That said, My husband says I collect children because I keep adding to #wenchyskids – I just see a world that needs a hug.

There is nothing you can tell me about marriage, divorce, parenting, planning a murder, apple orchards, step-parenting, x-people, maintenance (from both sides of the coin), puberty, noise, sex, reading, random Easter hat making, breast feeding, laughter, sports, school functions, exam nerves, chronic illness, birthday parties, boyfriends / girlfriends, psychologist visits, glitter, different personalities forced to play happy family, miscarriage, joy, varied parenting styles, empty nest syndrome – not even about elopement! I’ve done it.

Sir Noid and Wenchy Wedding Pic.jpg

I’m now a SAHW (Stay at home Wenchy). Oh do keep up! … One hand on a keyboard and another searching for pain or anxiety meds. All done with #Wenchytude

I am asked often when my book will be published. Seriously!  Yes, there is a book lurking inside me which I am finding both entertaining and excessively depressing to write. Well, that’s probably because I have lived a life worth writing about. Everyday has not been tea and cake you know. Somebody had a knife.

Anyone who takes one look at my African hips will realise I am not a fashion Blogger. 🙂 I blog about most topics and emotions. Adventures, thoughts and reviews alike.

I do mingle with the best of the best however. ♡ Probably because my Oupa Mike loved to show off a little!

I enjoy foodie events (always look at the cocktail menu first) , the performing arts (HUGE theatre fan), books (I own a library), movies (on the big screen), beauty products, spa treatments, getting out of town and often do reviews on these platforms.

Social Media came knocking… I answered, Strawberry Daiquiri in hand. We have been in love ever since.

I detest speaking on the phone, so for a prompt response, mail me at wenchy@mweb.co.za

I wish you enough,
Wεทchƴ¸.¸.  ҉¨

Wench Sig 2015.png



43 thoughts on “ѕнe’ѕ a ѕιlenт wallғlower – ѕaιd noвody ever!

Add yours

  1. Wenchy. I read your site religiously and have just returned from overseas to find its gone. I then looked around at Supermoms site and found your comment which led me to you!!

    How to I get to read your blog again. I was totally fascinated with your life ………….

    Look forward to hearing from you.


  2. Hi I also read your website religiously and was bummed when I lost the connection. Found this again but now can’t read the pages. How can I access this or is it closed to outsiders. I promise I’m no lurker just enjoyed your writings.


  3. Hi Wenchy – I have missed reading your blog. Hope you are well – have a great day and week. I am so excited to see my friend Broom Girl in just over 3 weeks! Love Myrtle


  4. Same comments as above. I was a devoted reader of your other blog(s) and would love to be able to catch up on what you are up to.

    Mom of 3 in Seattle


  5. I am new to your blog but have loved reading what I have found so far. I was disappointed to find that many of the journal entries need a password. Do you not want outsiders to read your blog?


  6. The coffee and biscuits look wonderful, but I can’t taste them yet. I’m a friend of BalancingAct; She has told me wonderful things about your blog, and recommended that I request the password to view your posts.

    May I?


  7. Hi I’ve asked before but not had a reply, would you please allow access to read your wonderful way with words and your experiences.

    I promise I’m no lurker just enjoyed your writings.


  8. Saw this book on Amazon.

    Switching Time: A Doctor’s Harrowing Story of Treating a Woman with 17 Personalities.

    I cannot imagine how it must feel, but I know you can get through the shit..

    It is a pity you don’t want to talk to me.. I don’t know what I have done wrong.

    I had such good times with you and i loved visiting. IT felt like home to me.


  9. Hi! I found your blog via a comment you left for me on Flickr – and I love it. I love your photos, your use of poetry, your honesty, and your courage. You’re a beautiful, strong woman, an inspiration, and I look forward to getting to know you.


  10. Wenchy, thanks for the link-back to your blog and your comments on mine! Lovely place you have here and I will be back for more. The pictures all look so lovely and I am envious over the happy snaps of you and Noid. 😉 Hanie


  11. I might be brilliant (so I have been told) in drawing up an agenda or even drafting business letter, but when it comes to leaving a proper comment on your blog … I suck!!

    But always now that I carry you in my heart. I cry with you and for you, especially when reading some of your blogs.

    I love our chats at work. I love sharing a tear and lots of laughter with you. I love sharing my life with you and that I can tell you something … And you totally get it!!

    I love your “excentric” ways … Like hugging random people, something I will never do. Hahahaha it always makes me smile.

    You have touched my heart and my life and I am thankfull for having you in it.

    Miss you my friend!!

    Random huggs and kisses just for you 🙂


  12. Pingback: Homepage
  13. Flip man (did you see I didn’t swear!) Ek mis jou. This made me cry. I need to sit down (or lie in your bed) and talk about my life right now. It is seriously information/worries/stress overload. I live you. Jy weet dit. You are awesome. My soul mate. Altyd.

    Liked by 1 person

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