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  • 50 Things To Do In My 50th Year

    1. Zoo Trot ✅ 2. Chinese massage at some dodgy looking spot that hopefully turns out fabulously. 3. Hike 5km ✅ 4. Go carting. 5. Sleep in a tent / caravan – glamping? 6. Tsitsikamma Bridge  7. Go to a class at The Chocolate Den.  ✅ 8. Spoil Jenna with Lisa Clifford fitting. 9. Colour picnic. 10.… Continue reading

  • Zero Discrimination Day

    On Zero Discrimination Day, 1 March, we promote and celebrate diversity, tolerance and inclusion. We celebrate the right of everyone to live a full and productive life— with dignity regardless of age, gender identity, ethnicity, skin colour, height, weight, sexual orientation, religion, culture, disability, HIV status, mental health etc. Embrace the fact that we are all… Continue reading

  • Zoo Lake Picture Walk

    Dear friends and other interesting creatures, My list of #50things to do this year, included taking a picture at the Million Plus Recyclers frame at Zoo Lake that I drive past often. @SirNoid and I decided that #wecandohardthings and walked to #zoolake (3.5km from our front door to that frame) which included hearing a #lion… Continue reading

  • #day60

    👉 #nofilter, #nomakeup #selfie was taken on #day57 😊 🧁 I’ve read it takes 21 days to make a habit and 90 days to make it a permanent lifestyle change. #day60 and I never want to go back to “one day” or #day1. 🧁The feeling of greater physical capability I am experiencing is freeing. The… Continue reading

  • Awesome Nail Product Review

    Dear friends and other interesting creatures, I have been biting my nails for as long as I’ve been dealing with anxiety, so basically since conception. The product I reviewed, Betadine Emtrix is not a product to help you stop biting your nails. It does improve the appearance, the quality of your nail bed, protecting and… Continue reading

  • Book Review: Her Daughter’s Cry

    Dear friends and other interesting creatures, When I started reading “Her Daughter’s Cry” by M.M. Chouinard I was not aware it was the third book in the Detective Jo Fournier series. It carried itself well as a stand-alone book and I did not feel lost at any stage. Although the book is a police procedural,… Continue reading

  • The Funeral Dress

    My father was not the most reliable man. Much like our Liam James who may go out to buy milk and see you in a week because the opportunity to go to the coast (ten hours away) came up between home and the buying of said milk. It sounded like a plan and off he… Continue reading

  • … at the end of the storm

    A mom and son sit next to me and the accent immediately catches my attention. I pull a Liam James and speak to strangers asking where in the UK they are from. Liverpool. I tried, I really did, but I felt my eyes water all the same. The only thing that consoles me about Kev… Continue reading

  • Women who know their fit have more fun! Liza Clifford Bra Fitting Expert

    Dear friends and other interesting creatures, After setting up a bit of a “help me out” poll on my personal Facebook as to my next Liza Clifford Bra Fitting Expert purchase, I had to share some of my #PerfectFit journey with you. Thank you to everyone who got so involved and given me your opinions!… Continue reading

  • The Birthday Wish List

    Dear friends and other interesting creatures, My Victoria reminded me that I must please make a birthday gift list. Yes, it is very self absorbed. I make no apologies. I love my birthday. So here are some things I’m crushing on at the moment. 🌿 Make a donation to the Theatre Benevolent Fund. I asked… Continue reading

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