Unicorn Rainbow Melt

Dear friends and other interesting creatures, I popped into Cafe Patisse Greenside today to check out the unicorn rainbow melt advertised on their Facebook page, and it is so cute! Made me wish I had a small person to impress. There was a table with many little people with their mom and dad sitting behind me. I heard this small voice declare it the best taste he “has ever has”. Then the kids (all under seven I think) started taking pictures of their food. I did compliment the parents on starting them young. I had a favourite of mine, the … Continue reading Unicorn Rainbow Melt

AIDA at Theatre On The Square

Dear friends and other interesting creatures, The opening production for 2019 at Auto & General Theatre on the Square is a reduced take on the epic opera, AIDA. Verdi’s most famous opera, often staged with a company of 200 singers, is reimagined with a talented cast of two men and a pianist! This wacky and outlandish version is directed by multi-award winner, GREG HOMANN, with CLINT LESCH and LEN-BARRY SIMONS on vocals. WESSEL ODENDAAL is on the piano. The production runs from 11th January- 1st February. Book at Computicket or by calling the theatre on 011 883-8606. I wish you … Continue reading AIDA at Theatre On The Square

Frankly my dear

Dear friends and other interesting creatures, One should always be drunk. That’s all that matters…But with what? With wine, with poetry, or with virtue, as you chose. But get drunk. – Charles Baudelaire On Route 317 between Bonnievale and Robertson in the Western Cape you will find Esona Boutique Wine owned by Rowan & Caryl. Esona is a Xhosa word, that translates to “The Very One”. I first visited Esona Boutique Wine 🍷 three or four years ago on a media trip. Today I returned with @SirNoid and his parents. I wanted them to taste a wine I had enjoyed … Continue reading Frankly my dear


Dear friends and other interesting creatures, I just had this realisation that I need to write down. Be it mental or physical, everything I have achieved in life, I have done with these contributing factors as part of me. I did not get to leave my issues at home while I worked full time, raise a family and was successful. I lived a good life regardless. Then, the plague came and gobbled me up. #fibromialgia – May 2011. Still there have been moments I have soared but also splashes of time I have crawled. Seeing these two roads before me, … Continue reading Joyride

Trust your inner unicorn.

Dear friends and other interesting creatures, People prefer when they ask “How are you?” in passing to hear a frivolous “Fine!”, because they were not really interested in your response in the first place. If you can throw in a fake smile, all the better. Don’t waste your truth on such individuals whose eyes are already scanning the room while waiting for “Fine” to escape your lips only so their insincere selves can move on. One soon learns who actually cares about your response. It is usually the same people cheering when you achieve. I wish you enough, Wenchy #wenchytude Continue reading Trust your inner unicorn.

Get help brave heart.

Dear friends and other interesting creatures, It is a well-known fact, and the punchline of many jokes and silly conversations behind my back, that I do have bipolar disorder. I feel pity for ignorance. I was diagnosed at 14 years of age with manic depression and over the years the medical fraternity came up with a new word to scare people. Bipolar! Bring the holy water! I want the stigma removed and by being open about it, I know from the emails I receive, that it helps others come to terms with mental health. Climbing and admitting there is a … Continue reading Get help brave heart.