The Birthday Wish List

Dear friends and other interesting creatures,

My Victoria reminded me that I must please make a birthday gift list. Yes, it is very self absorbed. I make no apologies. I love my birthday. So here are some things I’m crushing on at the moment.

🌿 Make a donation to the Theatre Benevolent Fund. I asked my friends to use the reference #BeKind and perhaps donate a token R46 as I’m turning 46. Don’t let this stop you making a bigger donation if you wish! 😊 Continue reading “The Birthday Wish List”

5 (more) things about me

1. I love watching Queer Eye🥂. I cry at the end of almost every episode. I’ve learned about the French tuck, the crisscross of walking in heels (with a touch of bend and snap 😊), and if you open your heart and mind… there are circles of love everywhere.
. Continue reading “5 (more) things about me”

Swellendam, jou doring!

Dear friends and other interesting creatures,

The town of Swellendam, South Africa is hosting its very first Winter School during the upcoming winter months.

I received this bag full of local goodies during my recent visit to Swellendam. If I be honest, when I read the tag that night when I was alone, I cried. It felt as if this lady, sat and made this bag especially for me. Suurbraak, Western Cape, South Africa and its people touched me deeply. It was odd to feel so at home in a place I’d never been. Continue reading “Swellendam, jou doring!”