Dear friends and other interesting creatures, Kicking the year off in a well groomed fashion is great for my productivity and essential to my mental health! If I look better, I feel better. E4Elegance is an elegant, sophisticated yet understated salon in Bedfordview. They offer all “the usual treatment suspects”, and so much more. They have regular specials and has the most fun, innovative and attention grabbing posts for a Beauty Salon. I am hooked on their Social Media! Thank you to E4elegance who literally pampered me all day yesterday. Besides great skill and knowledge, your power lies in the … Continue reading E4Elegance

Cruelty free.

Dear friends and other interesting creatures, I received a press release with information I thought some of you may be interested in. I’m love Sorbet, and do want to keep my readers in the loop. Unfortunately my happy place of beauty, Sorbet Fourways does not have a Sorbet Drybar  but the therapists at Sorbet Killarney Mall is lovely. In a moment of need, it is a quick in and out and you look fabulous, without having made an appointment. My daughter Victoria’s hair is super long and very difficult to wash and dry, so for a special occassion it is a great … Continue reading Cruelty free.

Glum … to every day glam!

Dear friends and other interesting creatures, I have always wanted dramatic,  long, fluttering “damsel in distress meet drag queen” eye lashes. Maybe it’s all those years of tap dancing that is shining through in my middle age? Liza Minnelli eyes. Yes I know. Such a wallflower I am. Who would have thought? I’ve experimented with the stick on with glue strips (DIY of beauty, false eye lashes) for different events. While I quite fancied the Kardashian collection, I quickly realised I’m totally out of my league. I do not have a steady grip as the Ankolysing Spondylitis has not been … Continue reading Glum … to every day glam!