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  • #nofilter beauty outside my door.

     I have been loving the rain. ☔. My severe toothache turns out to be an “angry” infection under a tooth. It is the most toothache I have felt in a super long time. So, antibiotics and painkillers.. The dosage of painkillers is making me tired but is very much needed. I’m seeing my lovely… Continue reading

  • Manic Tuesday

    I had a Monday of a Tuesday. My day ended with a killer toothache. I can’t wait to see Dr PHILLIP. Love that man. Fresher Breath Houghton The #americanelections ☠️ – that is all.  I’m predicting seven goals for the Liverpool FC game. (5-0 close enough #ynwa #lfc)  So much gratitude for waking… Continue reading

  • Beetroot chips are evil

    🌺 Sometimes the ride is not smooth, but functional..🌺 When I’m out and about and I see lots of cars, I always wonder where they are going, what they are doing and why they not at work..🌺 I ate a beetroot chip today and broke a tooth. Imagine. So healthy I am being and my… Continue reading

  • My special ones.

     The children born from my heart. Blood does not a family make. Love does..Everyday I open the curtains hoping for a little overcast. . Driving around town daily I am so aware of every beggar at the traffic light. I wish I could help everyone.. My skin is not looking wonderful. Not sure what… Continue reading

  • Can’t hold the phone to write more

    🧡 I spotted this from @blantons_bourbon on my travels today. Thought it was pretty cool..🧡 Lack of #sleep and an excessive #stress response has thrown me into a kick ass #fibromyalgia trigger. It feels like every hair on my skin, the very pores hurt..🧡 I’m doing this drivers test for my #insurance. Its kinda like… Continue reading

  • Just.

    💜 I have nothing left to give tonight. 💜 I wish you a calmer sea. – Dickinson #wenchytude#AfricanHipsDontLie Continue reading

  • Regret is not for the weak.

    🍇 The past two days I’ve been tearful but no crying. Then I phoned my Kev in the 🇬🇧 UK and finally the tears just rolled down my cheeks..🍇 He spoke about a family unit that doesn’t exist. He was stating a fact, the obvious. My Kev doesn’t pack for guilt trips..🍇I felt the failure..🍇… Continue reading

  • I cried for you.

    🕸️ #halloween themed #carrot #cake from Gravity Cafe in #Linden. It was most enjoyable. 🕸️ The #heat has a contract out on my well-being. I’m fighting a very sweety battle. 🕸️ I’ve seen at least four #mcclarens this week and a luminous green #porche. #lockdown has clearly not affected everyone equally. 🕸️ Congratulations to the… Continue reading

  • Music of the night

    💋 To be back in Joburg Theatre was a gift. I’ve seen it packed to the brim, and I’ve now experienced the first production in the Mandela Theatre during #COVID19 💋 Cantiamo – A Mzansi Opera Celebration featuring Vivacious Sounds was exquisite. ❤️ 💋 This 31 degrees needs to go. #makeuptutorial or not, it runs… Continue reading

  • Sleeping with a hair mask is so sexy.

    Victoria had her annual haircut today. Very pretty. It wasn’t so hot. My prayers were answered. I actually got to do some admin today. Winner! Lasagna for dinner was good. I’m in a Crème Soda kinda mood. Thanks for that own goal. #ynwa I smiled at so many things today. Including a blossom flower thing… Continue reading

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