The Wonder Of You

Dear friends and other interesting creatures, I looked at a friends Facebook timeline today and found myself comparing, wishing and wanting. Comparison is truly the thief of joy. Then later, I opened a gift I was meant to fetch in January but was only in the area today to collect. The universe has a funny... Continue Reading →


Eu sou grato,  José 

​30 Things I am thankful for!!! 1) I am thankful for all of the people around me (Friends, Family, The girl I will marry one day) 2) I am thankful for every opportunity that I have been given in life. 3) I am thankful for making every mistake I have made and learning from them.... Continue Reading →

Turns out we both liked men.

Dear friends, family and interesting creatures, I happened upon my dearest friend, Louw's video about being different yesterday. I'd never thought different could mask the word gay. When I finished watching Louw's video about coming out to his Dad, I had an ugly face cry.  I hated that Louw had felt any hurt ever. I... Continue Reading →

From GLITTER to toast.

30 great things I'm grateful for - in absolutely no particular order of preference, except the first two. 1. My children - for the funny, the quirky, the challenging, the enduring, the different, the surprising, the everything ... especially the love!! 2. My man - for his patience and his steadfast permanence, mostly when he... Continue Reading →

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