Objectifying men since birth… Weslee Swain Lauder

1) Facebook memories every morning. 2) Nakhane Toure‘s music. 3) Salticrax @Bakers_Biscuits – red onion flav. 4) Sunshine. 5) Gautrain– taking the edge off driving. 6) The golden butterfly snap chat filter. 7)  Actually. Francois Hougaard’s snapchat. 8) Actually. Snap chat all together. 9) Grande Capps from Seattle coffee co . 10) In the morning, driving to work, about 2kms from… Read More Objectifying men since birth… Weslee Swain Lauder

Woman Warriors

Baby girl bliss unborn Your life a waiting- growing delight within soon discovering life outside your current Young girl happy Your life a picturesque blue sky tall trees evergreen flowers that grow a season streaked with color color of light Everyday a painted sunset sunrise emotions beating beautiful flashbacks of a time you once fell… Read More Woman Warriors