Objectifying men since birth… Weslee Swain Lauder

1) Facebook memories every morning. 2) Nakhane Toure's music. 3) Salticrax @Bakers_Biscuits - red onion flav. 4) Sunshine. 5) Gautrain- taking the edge off driving. 6) The golden butterfly snap chat filter. 7)  Actually. Francois Hougaard's snapchat. 8) Actually. Snap chat all together. 9) Grande Capps from Seattle coffee co . 10) In the morning, driving to work, about 2kms from... Continue Reading →

Woman Warriors

Baby girl bliss unborn Your life a waiting- growing delight within soon discovering life outside your current Young girl happy Your life a picturesque blue sky tall trees evergreen flowers that grow a season streaked with color color of light Everyday a painted sunset sunrise emotions beating beautiful flashbacks of a time you once fell... Continue Reading →

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