This is her story.

Dear friends and other interesting creatures, This post was written by Cara who needed a platform to let out her feelings about a baby girl she miscarried when she was 17 years old. To my unborn child I remember the day I met you and lost you all at once like it was burnt into the back of my mind with a hot poker. I remember thinking to myself that there is something wrong with me for not knowing you were there and for not being able to keep you there. I am truly sorry for not listening to my … Continue reading This is her story.

The Kindness Of Strangers

Hi. My name is Wentzel Lombard, I’m a 25-year-old freelance actor and (kind of) writer. No, you don’t know who I am. I haven’t been in any big movies and I don’t do musicals. It’s not that I don’t like musicals, it’s just that I can’t sing or dance for shit. I’d like to make a film or two, but I don’t have a pretty face and I’m not masculine enough for the patriarchal Afrikaner audience. I do much better in theatre where I get to be anything I want to be. As for writing, well that’s another case. I … Continue reading The Kindness Of Strangers

​Striving towards the thinner side of life.

My darling Bestie, @NocturnalWenchy again asked me to write a piece for her blog. And once again, I wonder if my words will have any impact on anyone else’s life.   You see, I am quite the opposite to my outgoing, full of life, always smiling Bestie. The topic that she chose for me to write about is my weight loss journey.  And what an epic travel it is turning out to be. I have always been on the bigger (read larger) side.  When I was a child, the weight issue got kept in check due to the vast number of sports … Continue reading ​Striving towards the thinner side of life.

Jozi Food Whore – leaves no dish untasted.

30 Things I am grateful for: 1. My Tall, Dark & Handsome. The man has oodles of patience and tons of love and I am blessed every day for having him in my life, for those generous arms around me. And he brings me cheese. 2. Friendships. So many amazing friends have blessed me with their light and love since 2010, when I first started “living life”. Countless, spectacular people who have come and stayed, come and gone, come and gone and come again. The list is long. 3. My brother. We used to be each others’ best friends until … Continue reading Jozi Food Whore – leaves no dish untasted.


☆ Love ♡ Food ♡ Photography ☆ ☆ Living Life 1 Meal at a Time☆ Think this is a wonderful initiative, to count our blessings in a way… so here is a quick snapshot of the things I am grateful for. My Family near and far Awesome friends who accept me as I am Living in Beautiful South Africa / East Rand My health that’s improved over the years Pork Ribs Braais with Masala lamb chops Privilege of always meeting new foodies along my journey Highveld thunderstorms (when they arrive) Lindt chocolates Bacon Vodka Technology Spices, without them what would … Continue reading The Food Musketeer – #21 REVIEWER IN JOHANNESBURG

Objectifying men since birth… Weslee Swain Lauder

1) Facebook memories every morning. 2) Nakhane Toure‘s music. 3) Salticrax @Bakers_Biscuits – red onion flav. 4) Sunshine. 5) Gautrain– taking the edge off driving. 6) The golden butterfly snap chat filter. 7)  Actually. Francois Hougaard’s snapchat. 8) Actually. Snap chat all together. 9) Grande Capps from Seattle coffee co . 10) In the morning, driving to work, about 2kms from the total garage on the N 14 to Pta there’s this open veld that gets caressed by the sun. It’s beautiful. 11) My sight. 12) Musical theatre. 13) Glitter. 14) My parents. 15) The Zombie apocalypse fantasy. 16) Thankful for supportive parents. 17) Today I’m PROUD AND … Continue reading Objectifying men since birth… Weslee Swain Lauder

Woman Warriors

Baby girl bliss unborn Your life a waiting- growing delight within soon discovering life outside your current Young girl happy Your life a picturesque blue sky tall trees evergreen flowers that grow a season streaked with color color of light Everyday a painted sunset sunrise emotions beating beautiful flashbacks of a time you once fell in love Travelling sailboats for miles following a compass of hope no direction lead by faith to see where it takes you Teenage princess hopeless Your life a burning flame reflection of heart in cold times a peace you once knew well now only a … Continue reading Woman Warriors

What are you, but my very own? I love you!

Long before I even had big teeth or school shoes, I knew and felt deep down in my heart that all I wanted was to one day be a real mommy, and a nurse (because my mommy had been a nurse before she got me, and I was so in love with the beautiful freckled nurse on the photo). My little scraggly passed-down rag-doll was a pathetic looking dirty lifeless little child who could do just as well without me. Who could love something that couldn’t even talk or play or cry or fall asleep at my lullabies or bleed … Continue reading What are you, but my very own? I love you!