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#ShellSA DVD Blockbuster Movie Give-away !

Dear friends, family and other interesting creatures, There is no denying that Superhero movies are all the rage at the moment with more to look forward to! In celebration of the fantastic films we have already seen, I am happy to be able to offer a blockbuster movie hamper to my loyal readers with thanks… Continue reading #ShellSA DVD Blockbuster Movie Give-away !

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‘n Paw Paw vir my Darling!

Dear friends and other interesting creatures, Today I am hosting a brilliant guest writer, Yvonne Griffin who did a brilliant review of the movie, " 'n Paw Paw vir my Darling! " You can look forward to more Afrikaans movie and book reviews from her.  I wish you enough, Wenchy    'n Lekkerder lekker as… Continue reading ‘n Paw Paw vir my Darling!

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“Maya the Bee” pre-release ticket giveaway!

Dear friends and other interesting creatures, I was personally delighted when I saw my favourite childhood cartoon is coming out on on the big screen and feel proud at this South African first. The film will be released in three languages – English, Afrikaans and Zulu on 18 September, just ahead of Heritage Day. Maya… Continue reading “Maya the Bee” pre-release ticket giveaway!

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Midnight train (thoughts) to Georgia (nowhere).

Dear friends and other interesting creatures, Some general news... after midnight... Just go with it. *  Can you believe at the end of June,  I've been banting for a year!? Many kilograms and cm's later,  it is one of the best decisions I have ever made. I've reached the point where I can say *we*… Continue reading Midnight train (thoughts) to Georgia (nowhere).

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Love is timeless.

Dear friends and other interesting creatures, When my children were little, I use to go to the movies every Tuesday morning. There has always been something magical about escaping to the cinema. The smell of popcorn and icy green slush aside, I just loved becoming invisible and lose myself into the great, big screen in… Continue reading Love is timeless.

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#Tracers @mnetmovies @sterkinekor

Dear friends and other interesting creatures, @SirNoid and I did our first movie screening this year being treated to a viewing of the action and adventure movie "Tracers" from the director Daniel Benmayor. You can view the official trailer :  HERE Think New York City - noise, alive with people, sounds and sights. Bike messenger… Continue reading #Tracers @mnetmovies @sterkinekor