And all that’s best of dark and bright. 

My dear Tim, I was asked who you were to me this week. For the first time in 18 years, I managed to explain your accidental death and our relationship in only a few lines. I spoke with clarity, tenderness, and honesty. Thank you for always seeing me... in an ocean of people. You said it was... Continue Reading →


Got Milk? 

Dear friends and other interesting creatures,  This morning I was making coffee and shook the milk bottle. Why exactly, I don't know. The bottle was not closed properly so as I looked down, droplets of milk all over my breasts. My immediate thought was "Got milk?". I know, dead sexy right?  The power of advertising.... Continue Reading →

Check your mate

Dear friends and other interesting creatures, Random thoughts: * My anxiety is playing up at the moment and I am not loving it. My default emotion is anxiety so it does not require an event to plague me. It is not fanTy. Forgive me if I am not as chatty as usual. Although ... I've... Continue Reading →


Dear friends and other interesting creatures, Watch this, before you read my blog please: Johnny Clegg "Asimbonanga" | Madiba Tribute 2014: VIDEO In the early hours of that morning when I saw the first reports that Mr Mandela had died,  I went upstairs to get dressed.  Noid instinctively knew I needed to go. We drove to... Continue Reading →

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