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  • No blue Monday…

    … cause it is Tuesday. Life feels overwhelming. I have a chronic stomach ache. I’ve had tests, scans and scopes done and apparently it is my Anxiety just being extra. My skin feels like it is on fire, a Fibromyalgia flair type pain. I’m so tired. To my soul tired. Physically, emotionally and mentally. I… Continue reading

  • Shouting into the abyss

    Dear friends and other interesting creatures, I asked my daughter, Victoria yesterday if I could exit stage left and if she could please just forgive me. She said no, so I had sprinkles on my ice cream and saw the most gorgeous sunset that evening. I’ve never been a fan of #Covid19 but seriously, talk… Continue reading

  • Dance me to the end of love.

    Dear friends and other interesting creatures, My life has never been uneventful. Things have happened to me in life that I did not want and did not deserve. Just like you. I’ve also allowed events and encouraged people to happen to me. Good and bad! My stupidity in motion can be exceptional for the level… Continue reading

  • Searching for the spirit of the great blogger.

    Dear friends and other interesting creatures, I did not start blogging for recognition 22 years ago, or to be regarded as influential. I did not start blogging for invitations to events, private parties or functions with famous people. I did not start blogging because I wanted “free stuff” (no such thing exists btw). I love… Continue reading

  • If only the World was in an uproar.

    Dear friends and other interesting creatures, You crave chaos. You’re happiest when the world is in an uproar. You thrive on madness. Even when your magic is at its best when it’s the catalyst to confusion. You still can’t admit this? – A.G. Howard Continue reading

  • Believe me.

    Darling friends and other interesting creatures, 🎶 I’m currently listening to Eddie Izaard ‘s memoir “Believe Me: A Memoir of Love, Death and Jazz Chickens” on Audible. Loving being able to “read” and drive, “read” and shop for groceries, or today when I was left alone at Truffles while everyone else went for a smoke,… Continue reading

  • #5randomfacts about @NocturnalWenchy 💜

    . 🔮 My Rheumatoid Arthritis has become quite evident in my hands. There are simple tasks I simply cannot perform without pain, or not at all. Lifting a heavy jug to pour, opening a cool drink bottle or even taking a tray out the oven. I recently had to ask @se7en_hoods to cut a burger… Continue reading

  • Born a Crime got us Educated.

    Dear friends and other interesting creatures, I started my love affair with audiobooks in January of this year. Out of necessity really. I wanted to read but had other tasks to perform at the same time, so listening at home, in my car, on my phone in coffee shops…. it has become a thing. I’m… Continue reading

  • Comparison is the thief if joy.

    Dear friends and other interesting creatures, Scrolling through social media tonight, I felt like an absolute failure. Clearly not living my best life in my curvy girl jeans. It FEELS like everyone on my feed is out there living their best lives in their skinny bodies, fancy clothes, beautiful homes, perfect bloody everything with ample… Continue reading

  • Because flapjacks… 💋

    Dear friends and other interesting creatures, 💓 The details are in the simplicity of what makes life so good. . Continue reading

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Mom to many, wife to SirNoid. Lover of water, walks in the shade and all things purple.