And all that’s best of dark and bright. 

My dear Tim, I was asked who you were to me this week. For the first time in 18 years, I managed to explain your accidental death and our relationship in only a few lines. I spoke with clarity, tenderness, and honesty. Thank you for always seeing me… in an ocean of people. You said it was impossible not to. You would be surprised. I’m sorry for the decision I made for you. Forgive me. A Swan on water. No more regrets Timmy. Wench x PS. I recall the day you recited this to me. It took me by surprise. She walks … Continue reading And all that’s best of dark and bright. 

Got Milk? 

Dear friends and other interesting creatures,  This morning I was making coffee and shook the milk bottle. Why exactly, I don’t know. The bottle was not closed properly so as I looked down, droplets of milk all over my breasts. My immediate thought was “Got milk?”. I know, dead sexy right?  The power of advertising. Twenty years after the series of commercials was first made with celebrities showing off a milk moustache, it was still my first thought.  I made hot chocolate instead.  I wish you enough  Wenchy  Continue reading Got Milk? 

Some of my best friends are male, but… 

Dear friends and other interesting creatures, If you also feel like you have seen better days on multiple levels, offer to be the host of a hole at a golf day! 😆 I tell you, you will be reformed… okay you will at very least be amused, at worst, feel you need a bath.  The young men, round my older kids age, so early twenties will call you “Tannie” Very respectful,  but then there is always one joker in the group.  Said joker will look at you innocently and will ask you if you have 69 tees in the bowl.  … Continue reading Some of my best friends are male, but… 

Check your mate

Dear friends and other interesting creatures, Random thoughts: * My anxiety is playing up at the moment and I am not loving it. My default emotion is anxiety so it does not require an event to plague me. It is not fanTy. Forgive me if I am not as chatty as usual. Although … I’ve become really good at hiding these issues. * I love my husband, @SirNoid. He won a big ass TV and put it in our room for me to watch DVD’s. Not that I watch DVD’s all day long but it made me feel special that he … Continue reading Check your mate


Dear friends and other interesting creatures, Watch this, before you read my blog please: Johnny Clegg “Asimbonanga” | Madiba Tribute 2014: VIDEO In the early hours of that morning when I saw the first reports that Mr Mandela had died,  I went upstairs to get dressed.  Noid instinctively knew I needed to go. We drove to Madiba’s house in Houghton,  located not far from where we live.  In my hands, I held a bunch of purple flowers Mother Mary had given me.  I had tied a long satin ribbon to it. We parked a short walk away.  News crews were still … Continue reading Asimbonanga