Restaurant Review : Parsley’s

I’ve visited Parsley’s at Thrupps Illovo before and decided to get Victoria’s thoughts during #dateswithmydaughter today.

We had French Toast with Bacon and Camembert. The prices are very reasonable, the restaurant is full, service is a bit scarce… but our only real issue was that the Camembert was more of a side chick than in a committed relationship with the breakfast.

Loved the freshly squeezed Orange Juice, Coffee is good and Vix loved the Milo. ☕

Don’t visit if you are in a hurry but otherwise plenty of food options. All the servers appear to be named after flowers so if you can’t remember who served you, just ask for Petunia! 😂

Restaurant Review : Ikigai – Artisan Coffee Bar & Deli in Swellendam

If Ikigai – Artisan Coffee Bar & Deli in Swellendam was a suburb in Jozi, I would totally go with contemporary Dainfern. Clean lines, minimalist and upmarket.

A Gourmet Milkshake (usually means your milkshake got a bit dressed up and is sticky around the edges) will only set you back R39 and a Gourmet Ciabatta Sandwich almost R80.

Ikigai - Artisan Coffee Bar & Deli in Swellendam

My gut really thought Mozzarella Ciabatta Sandwich as it had Basil Pesto which I love and Avo, but I felt husband pressured into the Lamb version (to the slaughter). Ag, I was feeling subservient that day. Dion had the best selling Chicken Ciabatta Sandwich.

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Restaurant Review : Tredici Swellendam

Let us not confuse being a touch above with pretentious. Tredici, thirteen or a baker’s dozen, delivers that little bit extra.


This beautiful double volume building just off the N2, with its Artesian bread, is not for the budget beaters but all about indulgence, pleasure – the experience.

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Parrilla Bar and Grill – Tappas Review

Dear friends and other interesting creatures,

@SirNoid and I were invited to visit Parrilla Bar and Grill on a lazy Sunday afternoon. I was in the mood for a spot of live music, and Soul Picnic was just the thing after a bit of Facebook stalking. Continue reading “Parrilla Bar and Grill – Tappas Review”

Roasting Jacks

Dear friends and other interesting creatures,


There is a new Chicken in town, roasting at The Wedge Shopping Centre. Roasting Jacks opened late 2018 and their succulent offering is available both during lunch and at supper time. While you can pick up your Chick (or have it delivered via UberEats) and get on your bike, I would encourage you to sit down in the attractive dark wood, naked bulb Bistro.

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Mozambik Linksfield Review

Dear friends and other interesting creatures,

We visited Mozambik Linksfield on Sunday. We arrived at 12h00 and by 12h30 the restaurant was full.

Mozambik offers an extensive selection of Afro-Porto cuisine and the necessary Caipirinha! Naturally, I did have to check up on the Strawberry Daiquiri offering… Oh the suffering I endure! 😂 (It ✅ ed all the boxes btw.)

We shared Chicken and Prawn Rissoles for starters which I enjoyed. Crispy with plenty flavourful filling. The Prawn was my favourite.

Almost everyone had Pregos which they said was nice (like Mrs Jones down the road). I chose a garlic chicken with veggies.

The flavour of the chicken was delicious although there is work to be done amongst chickens to encourage body positivity. An extra grain for lunch won’t hurt! A plump chicken is much sexier. The veggies turned out to be the star item on my plate and I enjoyed it very much.






Clearly a popular weekend spot, it is the kind of place you can sit at for hours, chatting and eating at leisure.

Unfortunately, there was none of that for me as Premier League has kicked off. #YNWA

Service was excellent, great vibe and sitting outside was a treat. I would like to give the prawns a try next time, but I’d say the food we had was good (no complaints) but also not orgasmic.

There is a huge play area to keep the kids busy, and for those of us who have moved on from such, the play area is located at a suitable distance that you don’t hear them! 🤣


I wish you enough,



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