Mozambik Linksfield Review

Dear friends and other interesting creatures, We visited Mozambik Linksfield on Sunday. We arrived at 12h00 and by 12h30 the restaurant was full. Mozambik offers an extensive selection of Afro-Porto cuisine and the necessary Caipirinha! Naturally, I did have to check up on the Strawberry Daiquiri offering… Oh the suffering I endure! 😂 (It ✅ ed all the boxes btw.) We shared Chicken and Prawn Rissoles for starters which I enjoyed. Crispy with plenty flavourful filling. The Prawn was my favourite. Almost everyone had Pregos which they said was nice (like Mrs Jones down the road). I chose a garlic … Continue reading Mozambik Linksfield Review

Spur – A taste for my throbbing ovaries. 🦒

Dear friends and other interesting creatures, Something very few people know is that @SirNoid and I have been considering having the vasectomy (I insisted on seven years ago – again… what is with the seven that keeps popping up in my life?), reversed. Playing the role of the supportive husband, @SirNoid said if you can go three months with not a single doubt, we can investigate having another child. Well, tonight my husband is at a gala dinner and I decided I shall go to Spur for supper by my own self. Not just any Spur mind you. The Palomino … Continue reading Spur – A taste for my throbbing ovaries. 🦒

47 On Grant

47 on Grant can be described in one word: Generous Generous and sincere delight that you came to visit this Halaal . Generous deeply spiritual peace with smiles. Generous excitement at explaining dishes and excitement at doing so. Generous sharing in “how to” (drink Turkish coffee as if I would know!) and generous portions of food, especially flat bread and salads! 47 on Grant is located in the heart of Norwood. While the entrance is on the street, there is ample parking around the corner. The restaurant is a jump on the magic carpet as it opens onto the back … Continue reading 47 On Grant

@PicknPay @TasteOfJoburg @Montecasinoza

Dear friends and other interesting creatures, After announcing record numbers for last year’s event, Pick n Pay Taste of Joburg is back at Montecasino Outdoor Event Area this September. Budding gourmands need look no further for a feast of the senses with an array of spectacular offerings from twelve of Joburg’s top restaurants. Festival Director, Justine Drake says that she is delighted to be part of such a large scale culinary experience that includes the multicultural mix that is Joburg’s food scene. “Every year we are blown away by the large crowds who attend the festival to taste the best … Continue reading @PicknPay @TasteOfJoburg @Montecasinoza

“Delightfully fabulous!” @Budmarsh_Lodge

Dear friends and other interesting creatures, @SirNoid and I was most fortunate to be invited in spending some time with. Budmarsh Country Lodge is the perfect get-away for those seeking a tranquil, warm and inviting time away from the buzz of the City. The rooms are large, the bed very close to heaven and the bath that you can do the backstroke in, purely delightful. I was also thrilled to see the size of the shampoo, lotion etc was big enough for two and not of inferior quality which is so often the case. I loved the sticker with the … Continue reading “Delightfully fabulous!” @Budmarsh_Lodge