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Winter is coming. 

Dear friends and other interesting creatures, We are thrilled that our annual Twitter Blanket Drive #TBD2017 will be hosted by Live Arts Little Theatre on Thursday, 25 May 2017 at 19h00. It is impossible to find a warmer reception! Please bring a new or previously loved blankets (any size) as entry fee. Enjoy the hospitality of the… Continue reading Winter is coming. 

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From one Legend to another…

Dear friends and other interesting creatures, My son, @liamjamescadger and I recently attended a rooftop party (nothing like a Wench on the town with her son who is legal!) at The Copper Bar, where we got down to doing The Salty Dog... we didn't learn about THE Tom Collins until much later, so we had to skip..… Continue reading From one Legend to another…

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oh #HelloBlackFriday 

Dear friends and other interesting creatures, Happy Thanksgiving to all,  but especially to my friends and family living in the United States which is where this tradition was born. Vicky and I met at school and have been friends since I was 12. Vix came to live with us a year or so later, and… Continue reading oh #HelloBlackFriday 

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The Free Electric Band

Dear friends and other interesting creatures, Life is an odd creature. There is no other way to ride but bareback. You are guaranteed to feel every vibration of the animal moving under you. One thing I guarantee, there will be music. Sometimes a vibrant Street festival with laughter and little umbrellas in our cocktails. Babies… Continue reading The Free Electric Band

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Love is timeless.

Dear friends and other interesting creatures, When my children were little, I use to go to the movies every Tuesday morning. There has always been something magical about escaping to the cinema. The smell of popcorn and icy green slush aside, I just loved becoming invisible and lose myself into the great, big screen in… Continue reading Love is timeless.