21 Years

I honestly did not know I would survive 21 years without you. It speaks volumes for the human spirit, for I did not think I would see morning that night. It took seven years to say your name without crying. Today a lifetime of smiles around my eyes play, when I explain about the man… Read More 21 Years

Cat Chat

Absolutely mindless chatter. 😊 Lady Cayte. I have a cat who turns 9 years old this year. The first few nights we had her as a kitten, I thought I should have named her “Hannibal”. Wild thing, she may kill us in our sleep, kinda cat. Now, she is the epidemy of “teenage dirtbag baby”… Read More Cat Chat


Sometimes I wonder if it is a curse or a gift to experience life so intensely… but I do believe it’s courageous. Leaves one expose for depths of pain, but also for intense joy…oh and flight of delightful fantasy. Happiness or sadness, disappointment or elation, joy or pain. Ultimately I know to be vulnerable, is… Read More Courage.


Dear friends and other interesting creatures, You were my first love as a little  girl. Waiting for you to come home from the Airforce.  A R5 tucked into my hand when nobody looked. The first man to buy me perfume.  A comfort after my father died.