Happiness Is

Husband. 7. Hello, my humans. Happy Christmas, Nancy. Honey, I’m home! Ich liebe dich. Mammie & Dad. Rentia, MaryAnn and Jenni. Darryl. Soul mate. #theoriginalcast Clean, cool sheets. BFF. Physical touch.

It’s a shock!

Dear friends and other interesting creatures, I visited Ultimate Hair today for our regular colour adventure. I love Judy and we have a great time during my visits.  Lots of laughter,  chatting and discussion. I have been thinking about playing around with my hair colour a bit (more) and Judy is always up for the… Read More It’s a shock!

“The Spice of Life!” – My @Tripadvisor review of @DCTours_za cc @CombrinkD

“The Spice of Life!” Darren from DC Tours hosted my husband and three teenagers for a day of wine tasting at Backsberg (“Backsberg has been chosen as one of the Top 100 Wineries of the Year by Wine & Spirits Magazine in New York“) and all the flavours of relaxation at the introduction of The… Read More “The Spice of Life!” – My @Tripadvisor review of @DCTours_za cc @CombrinkD