Love your curves and all your edges. 

Dear friends and other interesting creatures,

To be vulnerable is to be alive. I would not live my life any other way. Nor would I write anything but what is my truth. So here are my perfect imperfections.


My rhythm and blues.

We easily share our smiles, what amuses us and definitely our successes, so why should we shy away from sharing our sadness? It is surely the other side of the coin? It is not a fault, a negative and certainly not a weakness.

It is the truth. It is living out loud. It is being you, abundantly without restraint.

If you want to live out loud, you do not handpick the parts to share. You own it. Every high. Every low.

In a world of pretend, be you! You only have this oneself, this one life. Be brave – throw every colour you have at it. 


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To dream is to starve doubt, feed hope. 

Dear friends and other interesting creatures,

Sitting on a blanket in a field of sunflowers, typing on a retro style typewriter while eating sour dough bread with salted butter, brie cheese and fig preserve.

An ever so delicate breeze would pick up a strand of my hair. A delightful shade of purple would dance against the blue sky.

Stetched out on the blanket, I look up. I close my eyes while darkness rolls in with a gift of stars. A million flickering delights.

Are you shining just for me?

I wish you enough


Girl Power!

My dearest friends and other interesting creatures,

I wrote this in 2015 and it remains as valid today as it was then.

Happy #womansday ♡

I wish you enough

The Nocturnal Wenchy


Dear friends and other interesting creatures,

Just because the girl next to you is beautiful / gifted / smart / skilled / inspirational … does NOT mean that you are not. To recognise a talent, attribute or skill in another female, is not competition – it’s truth!… and it’s okay!

I encourage you to give another woman a sincere compliment today. You will not become less because you gave more. A kind word. A humble deed. You will continue to shine just like before. It will take nothing from you.

Woman who are comfortable in their own skin, support and encourage each other. There is no need to break anyone down.

There truly is enough sunshine for us all. Happy Woman’s Day!

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