I’m not clay. 

Dear friends and other interesting creatures, Someone will always be prettier. Someone will always be smarter. Someone will always be younger. But they will never be YOU. (.... and that is your power) My mind is running through rooms and passages. Entrance halls, back alleys and winding paths in lavish parks. From grey shady sidewalks... Continue Reading →


I am a fairy. Who knew Peter Pan? 

Dear friends and other interesting creatures,  I have hundreds of books. Literally. One entire room of floor to ceiling book cases, running three levels deep.  Digitally my collection of books run into thousands. My Kindle after five years of loving care - died. Bloody rude. A need for perfume, purple glitter and to be truthful,... Continue Reading →

Got Milk? 

Dear friends and other interesting creatures,  This morning I was making coffee and shook the milk bottle. Why exactly, I don't know. The bottle was not closed properly so as I looked down, droplets of milk all over my breasts. My immediate thought was "Got milk?". I know, dead sexy right?  The power of advertising.... Continue Reading →

Only love.

Dear friends and other interesting creatures, My genes, my love, are rubber bands and rope - make yourself a structure you can live inside. - Aimee Bender Growing up, my entire excistance revolved around the blessing, forgiveness, joy or occassional dissapointment my grandparents may have feel about me. Oupa Mike and Ouma Chrissie was the... Continue Reading →

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