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African Hips Don’t Lie

Dear friends and other interesting creatures,

Am absolutely thrilled to have collaborated with JS Designs in printing #wenchytude inspired T-shirts! 🙂 So much excitement my friends!! 🥂

#AfricanHipsDontLie is available from R180 (S to XXL standard price), and since I’ve got them hips, I’ve made sure that bigger sizes are available up to 6XL! 💜

Postage excluded in price.

I wish you enough,



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Garden Court uMhlanga

Dear friends and other interesting creatures,

We have but washed the sea sand off our toes and schools are closing again on the 15th of next month!

I can well understand if you feel you need a break already. Happens to the most content of us. So, helpful hint…

During a recent trip to Umhlanga, just North of Durban (look at me using directions like a boss) we stayed at the affordable Garden Court uMhlanga which is part of the Tsogo Group offering.


The Hotel is centrally located to Umhlanga Main Beach, but not located on the beachfront. The higher floors have a distant ocean view, so if available remember to put in a request for a view.

While the Hotel has over 200 rooms, it does not have the feel of such. The entrance is modest in size and we comfortably booked ourselves in and out during a busy weekend. We found the staff exceptionally helpful and accommodating.


We had a standard room, suitable for a business trip, so while ample, not exceptionally romantic. We were welcomed with snacks, JC Le Roux and a card which I thought was a thoughtful touch as it was unexpected.


By the way, I did have a peek at one of the family rooms and it is spacious. One could comfortably have an enjoyable extended stay. The breakfast buffet was probably my favourite part of our stay. The hustle of people getting ready, mixed with the smell of fresh croissants and bacon cooking. All the usual suspects were lined up from fruit to pastries, a large variety of warm side dishes and cheery staff. Eggs are prepared as requested. A spot of warm toast. Nice.

20180928_154726 20180929_092853

There is a coffee/tea station on the side of the dining room with which I thought a great idea.

Dinner was also buffet style in the same space and if you arrived a little later, families tend to have eaten, so the dining room was less noisy. The Hotel offers a selection of salads, hot and cold starters, carvery meats and vegetables as well as pasta and of course dessert.

I think it is difficult to get away from the “cooking in bulk” feeling when doing a dinner buffet and for that reason, I am not a huge fan. The dinner service was quite long which I thought was great, but it also means some of the dishes had been standing for some time.


I admit that I would totally have overlooked the above if we were travelling as a family as it is perfect for children. A large variety of dishes to choose from and endless ice cream!

There is a beautifully landscaped pool area which looked inviting, especially at night with all the lights, but we had a tight itinerary and unfortunately did not have time for a dip at the Hotel.


The staff is a huge asset to the establishment, rooms are comfortable and well equipped, breakfast is a treat and the location is fabulous as a base from which to visit all the wonderful destinations. Families will especially enjoy their stay.

Tsogo Sun has always got specials available so I would suggest you follow them on social media to be kept in the loop – totally worth it!

I wish you enough,


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Nik Rabinowitz in DRY WHITE

Dear friends and other interesting creatures,

Nik Rabinowitz in DRY White at Auto & General Theatre on the Square from 13th – 23rd February 2019

In DRY WHITE, Nik Rabinowitz decided to explore the water crisis for his new show. Mostly because everyone thought the drought in Cape Town was going to last forever.


Spoiler alert: it didn’t. Now Nik will be forced to discuss other stuff too, which is a good thing because he feels like Jo’burgers didn’t care that much about the drought anyway.

Some additional topics include love, marriage, infidelity, transphobia, staying woke post forty, and whether the land should be given back. Just kidding, what white person wants to discuss that?!

It’s going to be a riot! Bookings for DRY WHITE are now open at Computicket (call 0861 915 800 or online or can be made by calling the theatre on 011 883-8606.

I wish you enough,


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E4Elegance not to be missed!

Dear friends and other interesting creatures,

After a difficult day and night (anxiety), I enjoyed a day of pampering at E4Elegance in Bedfordview.
I was made to feel super special. I decided to experiment with my mermaid hair and settled on spiral curls which Helen did for me with love and care. We were all so invested in the outcome… and I love it. I feel fierce!

Afterwards Boiti did my manicure, pedicure and heal peel. It is a treat for sure. She is da bomb and the most beautiful woman!
We drank coffee, had biscuits, enjoyed some girl chatter and I left feeling heard, validated, beautiful and oh so sassy!
Thank you ladies, Ellen and Sam for an amazing day. You are all gems and I hope and trust your salon will grow in abundance. You deserve it.


I wish you insanity, #wink

If I speak of myself in different ways, that is because I look at myself in different ways.
– Michel de Montaigne


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Serenity Prayer for the anxious.

Dear friends and other interesting creatures,

There has been a new normal in my life the past six or even eight weeks. While I still felt anxious daily (that never changes), I was also feeling in control, happy, content, relevant, productive and creative.

Last night I went to sleep feeling confused, unsure and scared. The uncomfortable, frightning but familiar black darkness came.

I tried dealing with the thunder clouds zapping in my brain first thing this morning but there was no break though of light. The dark clutched its hands around my throat and held on tight. I experienced restricted breathing all day. Tears on the brink behind my smile. Sadness. Despair. Hopeless.

By evening I was forcing myself to function which mainly consisted of trying to inhale. I knew if I took my anxiety meds I may fall asleep and it was not a good time. I held out as long as I could and slipped into the night.

I thought about a person dealing with alcoholism. The addict is always recovering no matter how long they have been sober. The addict identifies triggers and avoids them.

Perhaps my anxiety ridden mind is the same. If I am present enough, I do my very best to be aware of triggers and to sidestep them. I cannot for a moment entertain the negative, feeling misunderstood or even have sadness flow over me. It is like taking that first sip of alcohol.

As I lay my head on the pillow, it is with all that I am that I wish, pray, plead that this was just a bad day, a sip…. not an entire bottle of emotion to drown myself in.

♦️Insert serenity prayer here. ♦️

Oh Lord, help me to know the difference.

I wish you enough,