Regret is not for the weak.

🍇 The past two days I’ve been tearful but no crying. Then I phoned my Kev in the 🇬🇧 UK and finally the tears just rolled down my cheeks.
🍇 He spoke about a family unit that doesn’t exist. He was stating a fact, the obvious. My Kev doesn’t pack for guilt trips.
🍇I felt the failure.
🍇 All I ever truly wanted was the white picket fence. To have the home my grandparents gave their children, and their grandchildren. A place of safety, consistency and unconditional love.
🍇 I think I got the unconditional love right. Not towards myself, but definitely towards others.
🍇 You only truly get one shot at this. They should teach that in Life Orientation at school but I guess #safesex is important too. Regret is not for the weak.

I wish you enough


I cried for you.

🕸️ #halloween themed #carrot #cake from Gravity Cafe in #Linden. It was most enjoyable.

🕸️ The #heat has a contract out on my well-being. I’m fighting a very sweety battle.

🕸️ I’ve seen at least four #mcclarens this week and a luminous green #porche. #lockdown has clearly not affected everyone equally.

🕸️ Congratulations to the newly crowned #MissSA2020 Shudufhadzo Musida 💜💐 Miss South Africa – Rise #African child, Rise!

🕸️ I played #YNWA really loudly in my car and had an ugly cry. I miss my children so very much. 😔

Music of the night

💋 To be back in Joburg Theatre was a gift. I’ve seen it packed to the brim, and I’ve now experienced the first production in the Mandela Theatre during #COVID19

💋 Cantiamo – A Mzansi Opera Celebration featuring Vivacious Sounds was exquisite. ❤️

💋 This 31 degrees needs to go. #makeuptutorial or not, it runs off my face.

💋 This past two weeks I am constantly hungry. Like even for specifics. Same body, who dis?

💋 #farewell2020 is a thing with friends scattering across the globe. I’m starting to think I should be going somewhere. #SaniPass anyone?


Sleeping with a hair mask is so sexy.

  • Victoria had her annual haircut today. Very pretty.
  • It wasn’t so hot. My prayers were answered.
  • I actually got to do some admin today. Winner!
  • Lasagna for dinner was good.
  • I’m in a Crème Soda kinda mood.
  • Thanks for that own goal. #ynwa
  • I smiled at so many things today. Including a blossom flower thing that blew into my car from this tree type bush, as if it was just like “Hi friend!”
  • A working Wench, is a happier Wench.
  • I wonder what my boss thought today when I responded to one of his messages with #yassssqueen!

I wish you enough,


I crave iced coffee in summer.

  • Bullet blogging is better than no blogging. Nê?
  • I spotted the above sign on my path of least destruction today.
  • It made me smile.
  • A cheese sandwich tried to kill me this past Sunday and Monday. Vomiting is super fun.
  • It annoyed me so much. Stealing my time feeling sick.
  • The area we live in is currently at war with water. Or not. We just seldom have any.
  • I love that my job only starts at 10am. I am somewhat human by then.
  • I must sleep. At once.

I wish you enough,


In the time of Corona – Donating Plasma

My 21 year old daughter Victoria tested positive for #covid19 virus in June 2020. 🤒

Our Victoria

Thankfully she recovered fully 🥰. As always, “Killer Queen” Victoria has chosen the “how can I make a positive difference in the world” approach and registered to donate plasma for a clinical trial.

This convalescent plasma is being evaluated as a possible treatment for currently ill COVID-19 patients. Victoria has been accepted and will be donating plasma this week.

If you have tested positive with the virus, have fully recovered and meet the other criteria, please consider donating plasma.

I’d appreciate if you can share this information with others as applicable.

South African National Blood Service

💛 🇿🇦

I wish you enough,


Book review: “Limp Dicks and Saggy Tits”

Dear friends and other interesting creatures,

What to do when your husband runs off and leaves you single—when being single is not your thing?

Lizzie has decided that single life does not suit her.

What a treat “Limp Dicks and Saggy Tits” is by Tracie Podger. It is easy listening. The narration read as I would speak, and I enjoyed it immensely. Fun, flirty with the odd fxck thrown in, it is probably not for the faint hearted but if you want to smile and just enjoy a book that doesn’t pretend to be what it is not, this is the one for you!

I wish you enough,


After life

“I was trying to be all British
and not burden you with my… troubles.”
– Ricky Gervais

My son, Kev and I love us a bit of Comedy, especially stand up. He introduced me to Ricky Gervais. Seems fair, I raised him on Billy Connolly.

Tonight, Dion and I are catching up on Season 2 of #AfterLife on Netflix.

I feel like crying because I miss my Kev. I can picture Kev laughing loudly… and at other moments I laugh exceptionally loudly because it’s bloody dark, sad humour and hillarious. I miss you. #YNWA

Welcome to the contents of my head… that forever lump in my throat that sometimes rolls down my face.


Uit Mammie se dagboek #4

Met ons herdenking vyftien jaar terug) ons TIENDE herdenking was dit n beplande joligheid. Nou terug na ons berghotel waar ons heuningmaan was (overdraft gereel en so). Alles werk toe nie saam nie : daai dunne trourok willie eers oor my enkels nie! Maar wat, ons kry n pakkie confetti en Drakensberg hier kom ons.

Kry ons n honeymoon huisie by die hotel. Onthou, dis net 2 van ons :op onse troudag hol ons in pajamas rond met die confetti. Dan Sweetheart en ek strooi hom dan hol en ek (ballooon innie hand en een om my nek) en hy strooi my. Ons lag soveel dat ons die helfte van die confetti insluk toe n vreemde stem met n hogere aksent vra: ‘what are you doing?

So innie pajamas, balloon om my kop, verduidelik ons vannie confetti en so. Die hogere stem persoon se aandag is glo getrek deur al die beweging.

Laat middag ontvang ons n ‘amptelike’ uitnodiging tot ‘tea’. Daar gekom het die hotel vir ons n troukoek gebak en al wat n gas is sing ‘for they are jolly good fellows.’ Mens!

Vir aandete gaan ons GROOT. Vreeslik romanties. Sweetheart in aandpak. Gefril de lot. Helaas, geen broek. In my swart sweetpakbroek (daai wat die rek onder het) durf hy die deftigheid aan.

Ons kry n privaat eetsaaltjie. Vol kerse en rooi rose. En ons dans by ons self dat dit n naarheid is en gil van jollygeid omdat Sweetheart se broek teen daai tyd ONDER sy kniee sit!!!!

Vyftien jaar later, weer n keer, baie baie dankie OAKLANDS COUNTRY MANOR!