... a bit of that, August Woman's Month Guest Blog

Guest Post: It’s all about the boobs!

1 October 2008 It was a normal Wednesday... Work, clients, paperwork, homework with the kids, dinner.... A lovely day actually... That evening, after bath, I was applying body lotion, and when putting it on my breasts, I felt something strange.... A bump/lump.... WTH??? I checked, checked again, lay down on the bed, felt this way… Continue reading Guest Post: It’s all about the boobs!

... a bit of that, August Woman's Month Guest Blog

Guest Post: Rephethile Kgwale

My name is Rephethile Kgwale and I’m the founder of a campaign called Matters of the brain, I've been living with Bipolar Disorder, Generalized Anxiety disorder and Dysthemia for eight years. After being diagnosed I experienced judgement from society due to the expectations they had of me. I realize how stigmatized mental health is especially… Continue reading Guest Post: Rephethile Kgwale

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Mozambik Linksfield Review

Dear friends and other interesting creatures, We visited Mozambik Linksfield on Sunday. We arrived at 12h00 and by 12h30 the restaurant was full. Mozambik offers an extensive selection of Afro-Porto cuisine and the necessary Caipirinha! Naturally, I did have to check up on the Strawberry Daiquiri offering... Oh the suffering I endure! 😂 (It ✅… Continue reading Mozambik Linksfield Review

... a bit of that, August Woman's Month Guest Blog

Guest Post : Behind the door

I have always been fascinated with doors. I find myself photographing various shapes and types of doors wherever I travel throughout South Africa. My Pinterest account has a board aptly named ‘Doors’ and on my ‘France’ and ‘Architecture’ boards, you’ll find numerous beautiful photographs from around the world featuring… you guessed it… all kinds of… Continue reading Guest Post : Behind the door

... a bit of that, August Woman's Month Guest Blog

Guest Post: Being a woman

My name is Melanie but often I can’t pronounce it so let’s stick to Miss Pretorius or Lu. It’s no state secret that I stutter and that it gets worse when I’m nervous…and I’m nervous a lot. It’s funny that I would choose a career in the media that involves interacting with strangers and often… Continue reading Guest Post: Being a woman