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  • My special ones.

     The children born from my heart. Blood does not a family make. Love does..Everyday I open the curtains hoping for a little overcast. . Driving around town daily I am so aware of every beggar at the traffic light. I wish I could help everyone.. My skin is not looking wonderful. Not sure what… Continue reading

  • Can’t hold the phone to write more

    🧡 I spotted this from @blantons_bourbon on my travels today. Thought it was pretty cool..🧡 Lack of #sleep and an excessive #stress response has thrown me into a kick ass #fibromyalgia trigger. It feels like every hair on my skin, the very pores hurt..🧡 I’m doing this drivers test for my #insurance. Its kinda like… Continue reading

  • Just.

    💜 I have nothing left to give tonight. 💜 I wish you a calmer sea. – Dickinson #wenchytude#AfricanHipsDontLie Continue reading

  • Regret is not for the weak.

    🍇 The past two days I’ve been tearful but no crying. Then I phoned my Kev in the 🇬🇧 UK and finally the tears just rolled down my cheeks..🍇 He spoke about a family unit that doesn’t exist. He was stating a fact, the obvious. My Kev doesn’t pack for guilt trips..🍇I felt the failure..🍇… Continue reading

  • I cried for you.

    🕸️ #halloween themed #carrot #cake from Gravity Cafe in #Linden. It was most enjoyable. 🕸️ The #heat has a contract out on my well-being. I’m fighting a very sweety battle. 🕸️ I’ve seen at least four #mcclarens this week and a luminous green #porche. #lockdown has clearly not affected everyone equally. 🕸️ Congratulations to the… Continue reading

  • Music of the night

    💋 To be back in Joburg Theatre was a gift. I’ve seen it packed to the brim, and I’ve now experienced the first production in the Mandela Theatre during #COVID19 💋 Cantiamo – A Mzansi Opera Celebration featuring Vivacious Sounds was exquisite. ❤️ 💋 This 31 degrees needs to go. #makeuptutorial or not, it runs… Continue reading

  • Sleeping with a hair mask is so sexy.

    Victoria had her annual haircut today. Very pretty. It wasn’t so hot. My prayers were answered. I actually got to do some admin today. Winner! Lasagna for dinner was good. I’m in a Crème Soda kinda mood. Thanks for that own goal. #ynwa I smiled at so many things today. Including a blossom flower thing… Continue reading

  • I crave iced coffee in summer.

    Bullet blogging is better than no blogging. Nê? I spotted the above sign on my path of least destruction today. It made me smile. A cheese sandwich tried to kill me this past Sunday and Monday. Vomiting is super fun. It annoyed me so much. Stealing my time feeling sick. The area we live in… Continue reading

  • In the time of Corona – Donating Plasma

    My 21 year old daughter Victoria tested positive for #covid19 virus in June 2020. 🤒 Thankfully she recovered fully 🥰. As always, “Killer Queen” Victoria has chosen the “how can I make a positive difference in the world” approach and registered to donate plasma for a clinical trial. This convalescent plasma is being evaluated as… Continue reading

  • Book review: “Limp Dicks and Saggy Tits”

    Dear friends and other interesting creatures, What to do when your husband runs off and leaves you single—when being single is not your thing? Lizzie has decided that single life does not suit her. What a treat “Limp Dicks and Saggy Tits” is by Tracie Podger. It is easy listening. The narration read as I… Continue reading

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