A countdown to 50.

Dear friends and other interesting creatures,

I wanted to capture my journey to turning 50, next year 2023.

This is my first entry at 5h15am on Saturday, 11 June 2022. Two sleep away from turning 49 years old.

I’m about to get up, shower and be a good Mom. Drive to my daughter, Victoria 30 minutes away to collect and drop something for her, on the other side of town as she needs to start work at 7am. It is important to me that she knows she can count on me.

I worked really hard yesterday creating a personalised gift box for a client. I know I pushed my Fibromyalgia / Rheumatoid Arthritis self too hard as I stayed up working on this order until 2am the previous night.

I slept from three hours last night and woke from pain. I need to get up and shower but my body is so sore. Everywhere. I want to have a small cry to be honest. 🙈

Dion and I have a friend staying with us, dubt “the housemate” and I am thankful that she is coming with for the drive. 😊 Life really has its blessings.

Glad Dion can sleep. The days of working turns into nights daily and I feel for him. He works incredibly hard.

Welcome to a new Chapter and direction for my blog – #49andfine

I’ll have to make time to work on my blog layout etc sometime so it looks like somebody lives here again. 🥳

Tramacet, shower, coffee and a drive. Happy Saturday darlings.

I wish you enough,


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