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“Is there no way out of the mind?” ― Sylvia Plath

Dear friends and other interesting creatures, Some say (flashback: The Stig) one does not admit to these subjects in public. What if your clients suddenly believe you are incompetent? What if people think less of you? If that is so,  it is their ignorance and not my inability to be real.   Anyone who regularly… Continue reading “Is there no way out of the mind?” ― Sylvia Plath

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Who is Gaynor Paynter?

Gaynor Paynter is a wife, a mother, a pet-owner, a business owner, a blogger, a 41-year-old woman. But it doesn’t really answer the question, does it? Sometimes it’s confusing to think about which role to fill, which person to be, and whether deep inside there’s still something left of the original person. A conclusion which… Continue reading Who is Gaynor Paynter?