31 reasons to fall in love with @Verushka143

Women are made of Sugar and Spice and all things nice or so they tell us in the nursery rhymes we learn as toddlers. But it is true us women are rather complex with so many different sides to us. 1) I sing in the shower and let us just say I could audition for Idols and not be laughed at. Favourite shower song is from Pitch Perfect “Titanium by David Guetta and Sia“. Reminds of how strong I am and that I am a warrior. 2) As much as I love Technology , there are certain things I prefer the … Continue reading 31 reasons to fall in love with @Verushka143

Dipped in purple and left to sparkle!

Dear friends and other interesting creatures, Blogging use to be my journals screaming out loud. I’ve had loyal, consistent support (especially when I deal with REAL issues) but lately this Diva is running out of glitter. Blogging in South Africa is rapidly changing. It is all about quality content, stats, views, visits from target groups. What to charge for, what to do for free …? All very valid points in my online workspace. My blog does form part of my social media network. I know you enjoy the competitions and giveaway perks! However, because of your off line communication, it … Continue reading Dipped in purple and left to sparkle!