Every girl & drag queen … MUST have Glamore!… Oh also lashes & purple hair.

Dear friends and other interesting creatures,

I’m not a fashion blogger. We all sigh with relief if all my colours remotely go together… like most fat people, I dress comfortably which means the garment actually fit over my African hips. According to the medical calculations I have a 100% perfect waist/hip ratio. For a fat person, I find that hysterical. Thankfully my doctor knows me well and don’t mind loud laughter, or loud tears on occasion. Bless him.  🙂 Perhaps the fabulous Alan and Krishen wants to do a make over with the Wench 10kg from now? Although they have never treated me anything but fabulous when I see them. Such gentleman!

I am however a blogger that hugely enjoys beauty products and spa treatments.  From the basics of skin, hair and nail maintenance to make up glamour and hot stone massage, pedicures…oh the list is so long!

On the makeup scene, in the past, I loved bronzing products until I realised the skin pigmentation pregnancy left me with, is screaming “victim here!” … so I’ve stopped that look. It was a matter of scaring little children.

The Diva in me may be a closet drag queen adore my Glamour Lashes, purple makeup tones and glitter. I have not mastered the smokey eye (my sister, Rentia is a gift with this kinda thing), but I am known for a love of long lasting lipstick that does not dry your lips.

During the past few weeks,  I experimented with a number of products from Glamore Cosmetics whom I encountered on Twitter. A testiment that the online world can connect us with fantastic people,  companies and products.

Glamore Cosmetics

Besides that I genuinely love the brand (I would honestly tell you if I did not), the personal service, recommendations and extensive knowledge of Gael from Glamore Cosmetics have been impressive. You can tick the box in the customer service department!

Firstly,  I tried another shade in the range of nail polish which I reviewed last month, (Jungle Pop 280) which I am very pleased with. It is still a purple,  but has specs of glitter hidden in it. Thembi, (the gorgeous nail technician who has faithfully done my nails for 7 years now) is very pleased with the brand.  For me it is all about the colour, and that it lasts…. but Thembi looks at brushes,  ease of application and consistency. Reasons why people are professionals in their field. We are both impressed.

To help distract attention from my pigmentation pregnancy cheeks, the Pearly Powder Balls are very effective. It comprises of balls with different light shades to apply, lighting the look of the pigmentation on my cheeks. My only negative is that it does not include a brush, but thankfully I sorted that issue out fast.

I tried the Hean Vitamin Cocktail Lipstick and while it has a wonderful, intensive care and nourishment feeling, it was not long lasting enough for me. I require a lipstick with some staying powder as I’m forever hugging and kissing people. Even if it is the french – cheek, other cheek kisses. If you are a normal, non constant kissing you will love this products. Great variety of colours also. My friend Fiona tried it, loved the colour and I admit it went beautifully with her complexion!

The AA 40+ Mezzo Laser Wrinkling Decreasing Night Cream is light, nourishing and especially for those who have allergies and skin sensitively.It was very smooth, rich is luxury … but I am a bit little bit OCD, so for me, I would need the range – cleaners, toner etc to make a call. Yes, there are products for younger people. We can’t all be 40+ and flashing!

I would recommend that the Glamore Cosmetics team sell a brush set of sorts, that would be helpful.

Glamore Cosmetics

The eye shadow I cannot write much about besides that I loved the colours, easy to apply (again no applicator) because I had fallen deeply in love with its distant cousin, the eye shadow base for which I had received a sample. It is amazing! For long lasting eye shadow, every girl and drag queen MUST have some eye shadow base. It is the kind of product I need to keep extra just in case I run out. Absolute winner! Buy it. You will not regret it!!!

purple-star purple-star purple-star purple-star  purple-star rating from me.

For the month of October, I’ve decided to showcase my #purplehairdontcare from Ultimate Hair,  as well as the dramatic lashes Bailey from Glam Lashes keeps looking very Cabaret! .. I will be embracing a nude / natural look which requires quite a few products to pull off, especially at 42 years of age. I am going for that *giggle*Oh! I always look like this when I wake up!” look. Will let you know how well that works out…. Glamore Cosmetics here I come!

If I look pale or ill, I obviously messed it up so please remind me to put on lipstick and to take my Zanax.


Glamore Cosmetics is available online, with free delivery for orders larger than R250. You can find them on Facebook and Twitter.


I love sharing the wonderful products and services I find on my journey and enjoy passing the enjoyment to my readers. I have three different giveaways this week!!!

Glamore Cosmetics are giving away two gift vouchers to the value of R250 to my readers located anywhere in South Africa! Ordered is delivered to your front door. Please follow them on Twitter and/or Facebook , and in the comment section on my blog, please share which products you would choose to the value of R250. 🙂 Please ensure you enter your correct e-mail address so that I can reach you to mail your voucher. 

Judy from Ultimate Hair  who is responsible for my much loved purple hair (which is doing massive amounts for my brand – who knew?), would also like to spoil my readers. She has generously offered a cut and blow to the value of R300 voucher to two of my readers, who will also receive 20% off a full head of highlights, should you choose to have themThe salon is located near Cresta Shopping Centre and your voucher is valid Monday to Saturday. Again, please ensure you enter your correct e-mail address so that I can reach you to mail your voucher. 

The gorgeous Bailey from Glam Lashes runs a mobile salon and is giving two of my readers 50% off two their first eye lash extension experience. Getting Cabaret lashes is one of the best things I have ever done beauty wise! Bailey will come to your home, discuss what type of eyelash extension you would like to have, from natural, just enhanced ,to well… Wenchy! She operates between Randburg and Bedfordview in Johannesburg, so the prize is restricted to Johannesburg readers only. Visit her website for prices and see what you would like to have done, perhaps for that special occasion? Again, please ensure you enter your correct e-mail address so that I can reach you to mail your voucher. 

You are welcome to enter all, or one of the giveaways! Have fun. Winners will be announced on Friday, 2 October 2015 via e-mail.

Sincere thank you to my sponsors. I am deeply honoured that you entrust me with your products, time, and most of all share your knowledge with me to make me the best I can be.

I wish you enough,


PS. Yes, the pictures were all taken by me, so please do not take them from me.

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