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Dear friends and other interesting creatures,

I have been doing really well.  I have worked harder than I should and my body is demanding sleep.  I have been on a very even playing field emotionally and less bipolar than normal. (As if one can turn that button on and off.)

Just in time for my first solo performance as I leave on a jet plane. My first solo flight without my husband working and me wanting a holiday, piggy backed onto one another, together. I am going to miss @SirNoid!

Sometimes it still takes my breath away that I have come relatively far in my chosen field in a short amount of time – Social Media Diva and Blogger…. Personality,  friend,  writer, Power Tweeter,  Media and off course legend!  (Inside joke with @InfiniteComPR)…

I could have done none of this without the support of my husband @SirNoid on every imaginable level.  He doesn’t like the limelight (in which I become alive)  so he is seldom with me at events, but he has given me wings,  financial support and freedom to do my thing.  I think it has been a very selfless thing to do on his part.  Huge gratitude for being at my side,  discussing, offering advice, encouraging – knowing that you can’t hold a moonbeam in your hand and loving me enough to know I come home.  🙂 Oh and invite him to value weekends 🙂

My parents and children have been a constant cheerleader squad.  @kylajeanv @KevvieCartman @LJ_Cadger @VictoriaT99 especially has only loved and encouraged… ‘That’s my mom’ is worth more awards anyone can offer. When I am able to share opportunities with them that social media gifts me,  I am so incredibly happy.

In the same vein,  my BFF  @WilhelmNiekerk has been a block of solid bear support.  Quick to judge my garments and in two seconds making me look all better,  Wil has attended many functions with me. He is a man with knowledge and a master at playing a supportive role while equally contributing.  He always makes me shine.  Thank you my friend.

Maybe when I grow up,  I can be a proper Social Media Journalist. *wink* I have SO much to learn but when you surround yourself with greatness,  it rubs off. (I give the best hugs in the business baby!)

I have had lots of help, plenty favours given and received.  I’ve been hurt, I’ve been picked up and together have kicked ass.  I’ve been embraced by a ‘tweet eat tweet’ business.  I have learned all that glitter is not gold and some will only ever smile to your face.

I have met incredible people. I love you all very much and want to thank you.  I am petrified I forget someone! I am desperately trying to acknowledge those who at the core understand who I am, and how best to use my skills in that capacity.  I never have to tone it down.  I am good enough just as I am.

My mentor and friend,  @RichSimmondsZA whom leads and guides. I continue to learn,  kick your ass when you need it as you do mine.  It is a privilege to know you as I do.

@louwbreytenbach @buzpr @ChevePeters @Chris_Verrijdt  @infinitecompr @WesleeLauder @CoLabNetwork @kevinfriedman  @KevinMcLennanZA @theBookofswagSa @FerdiWG @DianiGernandt @sa_artists @sterkinekor @SA_Reviewer_  @LouwMulder @derikvanwyk @mnetmovies @budmarsh_lodge @TheatreOnSquare @JoburgRedBus @JudyDitchfield @helendesbois @NCTParktown @mcnabsenergy @CaseyBDolan … the list goes on and on… About 18 000 long.  Hehehe (cow I am, but I worked for them dammit!)

For every invitation.  Every project you include me in,  or suggest me for because I am the right Wench for the job… OH sometimes I am also cheap,  but never easy! I am forever touched and deeply grateful that you welcome signing your name next to mine.

I wish you many followers, awesome projects,  that light bulb moment on stage when it all just comes together! You are all so incredibly gifted in what you do. I am in awe!

I thank you for your time,  as I know you will thank me for mine, and we will never forget it. 

I wish you a spot light.

ps. Tim,  Bee  –  I wish you didn’t die!  Look!  I promised you I wouldn’t live a little life.  We up to sparkles! You rock that underworld… #friendsindeath !

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