Bacon.  The story of a pig. 

Dear friends and other interesting creatures,  It started when the x person and I bought a house just after my 18th birthday. I realised I could have a party!  Hosting a party carried on into my second marriage, where it became more church and family focussed. Gatherings,  afternoon teas and surprise parties.  I remember my... Continue Reading →


I am free!

When I was asked to write a piece for woman’s day, I found the thought quite intimidating.  What would I write about?  What could I possibly offer that would be worth reading about?  Obviously because it was my #bestie, Wenchy that asked – I couldn’t say no.  So here I sit pondering on my life... Continue Reading →

Embrace the journey.

I hear him open the front door and admit feeling a small excitement. It is 21h33. He has worked another 12 hour day. It feels like the long walk to freedom as he climbs the stairs to our bedroom.  He walks in with a smile and we talk about our day. We both worked from... Continue Reading →


My hand on my husband's chestI do believe that without human touch, even a hug, we die a little... Touch can be just as good for the soul as bread is for hunger. His body is my wonderland. 🙂 Grey chest hair is so sexy and bear hugs in big arms ... safety to the... Continue Reading →

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