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The Free Electric Band

Dear friends and other interesting creatures, Life is an odd creature. There is no other way to ride but bareback. You are guaranteed to feel every vibration of the animal moving under you. One thing I guarantee, there will be music. Sometimes a vibrant Street festival with laughter and little umbrellas in our cocktails. Babies… Continue reading The Free Electric Band


Ever made a @MixtapeSA ? @TheatreOnSquare @RichSimmondsZA @WilhelmNiekerk

Dear friends and other interesting creatures, We were listening to VH1 tonight and Chris Isaacs came on in the background ... and my soul transcended to almost 20 years ago when my boy Tim asked me if I liked the song.... What a wicked game... (We met at work and were seated opposite each other.… Continue reading Ever made a @MixtapeSA ? @TheatreOnSquare @RichSimmondsZA @WilhelmNiekerk

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Begin Again @mnetmovies @SterKinekor @RosebankTheZone #MMScreanings #GirlfriendsGetaway

Dear friends and other interesting creatures, Once writer-director John Carney delivers in abundance in his latest musical offering with a splash of romance, Begin Again. Having seen the movie multiple times, I am not sure what I fall in love with more, the music or the characters, or Dan in a towel... not sure if… Continue reading Begin Again @mnetmovies @SterKinekor @RosebankTheZone #MMScreanings #GirlfriendsGetaway