Dear friends and other interesting creatures,

Watch this, before you read my blog please:

Johnny Clegg “Asimbonanga” | Madiba Tribute 2014: VIDEO

In the early hours of that morning when I saw the first reports that Mr Mandela had died,  I went upstairs to get dressed.  Noid instinctively knew I needed to go.

We drove to Madiba’s house in Houghton,  located not far from where we live.  In my hands, I held a bunch of purple flowers Mother Mary had given me.  I had tied a long satin ribbon to it.

We parked a short walk away.  News crews were still busy arriving.  A small crowd of people had gathered. As is African culture and tradition the crowd were singing and dancing.

I went to the policeman closest to the gate and asked if I could leave my flowers there.  He was so kind.  My flowers were the first of many hundreds that joined over the next few days. The following morning,  I could only see the long satin ribbon falling over the pavement on TV. Flowers everywhere…. Beautiful.

I joined the crowd in singing freedom songs from my youth, including “Asimbonanga”. I was crying and very emotional.  I remember being hugged by many people. One person looked at me and said no more tears,  we are free.  Dance! …. and we did.


I was blessed to take this picture of the famous portrait by Adrian Stein earlier the same week at a press conference with an amazing project 21 Icons.

When the press had left the room,  I just there,  looking at Mr. Mandela. The lines on his face. My personal goodbye.

One of his granddaughters came to sit next to me. At first we just sat in silence… then I spoke about my Oupa Mike and she spoke about her grandfather.

I see you everywhere Tata. God bless Africa…. and THANK you.

Thank you for wishing me enough.