47 On Grant

  • 47 on Grant can be described in one word: Generous

Generous and sincere delight that you came to visit this Halaal . Generous deeply spiritual peace with smiles. Generous excitement at explaining dishes and excitement at doing so. Generous sharing in “how to” (drink Turkish coffee as if I would know!) and generous portions of food, especially flat bread and salads!

47 on Grant is located in the heart of Norwood. While the entrance is on the street, there is ample parking around the corner. The restaurant is a jump on the magic carpet as it opens onto the back of the restaurant to a delightful open air area with soft light. It really is such a gentle, almost sacred space. I loved it before I ate anything!

Dinner at 47 On Grant

Nadia is a humble but effective and efficient hostess and servers are well trained. There is no cutting corners. Nadia is clearly passionate about her offering and it shows. I noticed that she checked each dish before it was served.

I had a lamb kebab, unlike anything I’ve had before, cooked outside on an open flame. Surprisingly as I finished the one meat serving, a second appeared. It was delicious. Crispy, thin slices.

47 On Grant

I do not drink large amounts of alcohol, so being a Halaal restaurant that does not serve alcohol made no difference to me. The “mock” tails came in a wide variety. Fresh and crisp.
While my dessert was inventive and different, mozzarella inside a thin pastry, deep fried with a sweet sugar sauce with ice cream, I did not enjoy it as much as I hoped I would. I also tried a Turkish traditional cake which was light with ice cream. It was ok, but did not deliver for me on the overall experience.

Who do I need to credit for this pic?

If you are looking for an intimate dinner, romantic in the city, head for 47 On Grant and sit outside. Be open to experience new flavours and experience a different kind of dining.
Thank you for the opportunity to dine in style with #DineJoziStyle47 once more @JoziStyle It is always an honour for @SirNoid and I to be included.

With sincere gratitude I would like to acknowledge 47 On Grant whom sponsored the dinner, in exchange for a genuine, truthful, impartial and honest review.

I wish you enough,


PS. Did I mention I loved the flat bread ? 💜

Let’s rock Norwood!

I am sure you will all remember my great adventures at the B&B Market and how much fun I had every Sunday with my family in attendance, and my love for Tranquil Body Treats. I laughed plenty, ate many delicious things, smelled like chocolate body scrub, met and interacted with many awesome traders and local and international guests, old friends paid surprise visits (even from Canada and Australia!) ….and I made new friends, for life.


This must have been taken at the end of a day at the Market, because Deon and I usually have a youthful glow. Angelic almost. Honest! (Ja, right sure!)

Since pushing Kevin in a pram around 20 years ago at the B&B market, I personally have never seen B&B Markets as a “flea market”. To me, a B&B Market was just always a step above and I expected them to deliver on my notion! I know I can be ever so only wanting “the best” sometimes! To me it has always represented an up-market, trendy but relaxed, happy space which I like to call, “Gourmet Markets”.

Yes! The food stalls have always had QUALITY food with FRESH ingredients for the discerning palate (Deon, the Market Manager would have accepted nothing less!), PROUDLY prepared, fit for a connoisseur BUT, more importantly has always been affordable but off a high STANDARD – suitable for a GOURMET customer!

With huge blessings and many happy, successful times ahead, B&B Markets is launching their new flagship market on Sunday, 1 September 2013 at: Norwood Mall (Physical Address: cnr African Street & Sarie Marais Road) which was revamped not so long ago, and is looking ever so fabulous, in my opinion – the location is perfect!

The market will operate every Sunday from 09:00 to 16:00, come rain or shine, in the upper level parking area. I know stalls are limited. From what I have heard, only the best of the best will be represented at Norwood Market. The Norwood Market aims to showcase products that represent quality to the consumer, value for money and that uniqueness that you will only find at a “Gourmet Market”!

I do have a scanned copy of the application form should anyone would like me to assist, wenchy@mweb.co.za , but you are also welcome to contact 011 442 4488 for general enquiries, or the always running at top speed, Market Manager: deon@craft.co.za

B&B’s new flagship market at Norwood Mall will be accessible by wheelchair and will have a dedicated parking area for elderly visitors, adjacent to the stalls. With attention being paid to the details (already a winning recipe), including a larger banking mall (very convenient!), I believe Norwood Market will be a fun outing for the whole family and will I predict, Johannesburg’s hottest hangout on Sundays in no time at all!

I do know the Norwood team is looking for students to work at the Norwood market on Sundays, (own transport an advantage) – you are welcome to mail deon@craft.co.za if you feel you can handle the excitement of something, new, exciting and vibrant or leave a comment on my blog, and I’ll get it to him (The things you do for friends!)

I have previously lived in the area, my BFF live in the area, two of my sons live in the area, my fairy godson, Ari lives in the area, I still shop in the area, have my nails done in the area, (stop laughing), my step-children live in the area, I LOVE the area! – So YES! I am THRILLED, EXCITED and brimming with good wishes for the new Norwood Market, but also to Norwood Mall for seeing the value and extraordinary heritage that comes with hosting a B&B Market! Happy trading Norwood Market!!!…. and enjoy the shopping! (Oh. Btw, I always found it helpful to take an extra BIG bag for all the bits I buy… just saying!)

You see what I mean now right? Gourmet isn’t just for food. It is in living. The details. Never say I didn’t teach you anything. *wink*

You know I am passionate about social media, so please, – DO join the FaceBook Group for B&B Markets , and follow their Twitter page. You do not want to miss out on the latest and greatest happenings!

Naturally, that is assuming you already joined mine. 🙂 FaceBook / Twitter


I wish you enough,

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