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I am a 31 year old, self employed, married to an amazing husband, new mom to a very expressive entertaining two month old baby. My entry is about the trials and tribulations of new motherhood. It’s a whole new world!

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Let me start at the beginning.

Finding out I was pregnant came as a big surprise, as I have always been told I would struggle, being diagnosed at a young age with PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome).

When I saw those two lines appear on the pregnancy test my heart leapt. I ran out calling my husband in shrieks, he was shocked in the beginning as we had only planned for a baby in maybe two years time but elated all the same.

I let my Mom know the very next day after another 10 tests from the pharmacy confirmed we were indeed expecting our first born. Fast forward  38 weeks later, I am huge and you can actually see my child’s bottom in the shape of my tummy. I have a permanent pain in my hip and dizzy spells and sleepless nights have me wishing the days to my C-section away. Pregnancy is NOT a glamorous glowing affair, anybody who tells you they loved every moment of their pregnancy is lying to you.

When my big day came I was relieved and scared silly all at once. I could not wait to meet our little girl. She arrived without hassle and seeing her for the first time, my entire life made sense and I felt totally complete.

Everybody tells you that breastfeeding is this magical bonding time for you and your baby. For me, it was anything but! She had a terrible latch and despite it all I persevered, as it gets drilled into you “breast is best” She has since developed severe reflux. I got severe bronchitis, which I then gave to her, and she nearly ended up in hospital.

The stress lead to a nervous breakdown due to my post natal depression. My milk dried up like spilled water in a hot pan. I have now put her on a half formula and breast milk diet,and guess what, we are both much happier, so I can tell you this, breast is only best if BOTH mother and baby are happy and fed.

As women we are bombarded with opinions and way too much conflicting information while pregnant, I advise you to follow your own gut, listening to all of that can make one’s head hurt.Your body will never be the same, unless you are a Hollywood celebrity, but then neither will your heart, it’s amazing how much you love this tiny helpless being.

The other night I was out for the first time since I found out I was pregnant,leaving our two month old daughter with my mother in law. I ended up with such engorged breasts I had to express into the toilet (not a tidy effort). At the end of a fun night of dancing and my first glass and a half of wine, I turned to my husband as I noticed dried breast milk in my hair and said “hmm 5 years ago this would have been vomit”.We laughed at how much our lives have changed and how much joy our tiny human has brought us in such a short time.

Being a new mom is amazing,terrifying and exhausting but totally worth every sleepless night when she looks up at me and smiles that big gummy smile. Don’t try and be super woman. You are not super woman. Take time to bond with your child, the dishes and laundry can wait.

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