From  Koesiestes to Kneidlach

Dear friends and other interesting creatures, Tayla-Jade and I saw Chantal Stanfield in her new play at Auto & General Theatre on the Square "From  Koesiestes to Kneidlach" last night. The true story of how the girl from the Cape Flats met and married a good Jewish boy, RJ Benjamin, living happily ever after, one Shabbat meal at a... Continue Reading →

I HAVE LIFE @AutoandGeneral @TheatreOnSquare #Alison

Dear friends and other interesting creatures - I remember this shocking story so well.... I read the book, attended a speaking engagement and Alison is such an inspiration. I am so incredibly excited to celebrate Woman's Day with the overcoming of evil, receiver of hope. I HAVE LIFE ALISON, 20 YEARS ON… A new production for Women’s... Continue Reading →

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