From  Koesiestes to Kneidlach

Dear friends and other interesting creatures, Tayla-Jade and I saw Chantal Stanfield in her new play at Auto & General Theatre on the Square "From  Koesiestes to Kneidlach" last night. The true story of how the girl from the Cape Flats met and married a good Jewish boy, RJ Benjamin, living happily ever after, one Shabbat meal at a... Continue Reading →


@NCTParktown #AnthonyAnt cc @FrancoisTheron9

Dear friends and other interesting creatures, Wow!  I have not been to the National Children's Theatre in Parktown in a few years.  Don't let the name fool you,  it is not just for children! You will find yourself swept away with the story, laughter and fun!  Do visit this intimate, cosy,  child friendly venue.  A... Continue Reading →

#Starlight Express – Finding Dustin

Weslee Swain Lauder  stars in #StarlightExpressSA  at the Jo'burg Theatre as "Dustin" - A Big Hopper Dustin is the largest of the freight cars, a large hopper. Sometimes he carries gravel and sometimes he carries aggregates.  He's the largest, but he's also very self-conscious of his size, so he's cutely quiet and shy. Dustin also dreams... Continue Reading →

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