Koek, tert en die beste oats ooit!

Dear friends and other interesting creatures,

My hart se punt, Louw Breytenbach and the gorgeous soul Stephan Akeci will be the first openly gay Afrikaans couple to feature on a Media 24 reality program, “Lek jou lippe af!”, that kicks off this Thursday evening. 

I know Louw would cringe at the tactlessness of how that sounds, die kind hou nie van kommin nie! 🙂

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Anyone who knows these men, will know how vulnerable they feel, living their truth in a world full of mirrors that blind us. Being a gay couple in the open, never mind on TV, has very real challenges. I should know, I married one, once. 

People as a collective have the capacity for great love, and much cruelty, with judgement to spare!! (I’m sure there is a special kind of hell for those who live in glass houses.)

These are my friends. These are my people. I applaud you for being true to yourselves, for the very real friendships we share and the love, grace, understanding and joy you have bestowed upon me since the moment we met some three or so years ago.

I got you.

#Lekjoulippeaf! Donderdag 10 Desember  2015 op @viatv, @DStv kanaal 147 om 16:30.

Go and follow the boys on Twitter! @louwbreytenbach @AkeciStephan #TurnUpTheHeat

I wish you enough,