You’ll Never Walk Alone

Dear friends and other interesting creatures,

My first real, solid true love…. The very first anything I felt was MINE.

He never gives up on me. He will fight for me and he will fight with me. He will care for me … while sighing a lot. 🙂 He will drink vodka with me. He will play guitar and sing for me.

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~♡~Dear friends and other interesting creatures,


She reminded me a bit of me in never just accepting anyone else’s opinion. She thinks,  direct,  tests before making up her own mind.  She isn’t impressed by mediocre thought. 

She is funny,  tells jokes and forgets the punch line. She is innocent and sophistication all in one. Like me, when she loves, she loves completely…. which means when she gets hurt, it is in proportion with the depth she loved.

She is passionate about football. #LFC #YNWA She knows when to apologise and when to walk away. She loves proper coffee and Earl Grey Tea. Her excitement is contagious. She loves the colour grey.

She bakes cookies from scratch. She can see beauty in the smallest detail. She is independent and smart. She is loyal and committed.

She is my daughter. Born from my heart. Kyla Jean.

‘And when you smile. The whole world stops and stares for a while ‘Cause girl, you’re amazing. Just the way you are.’ – Bruno Mars

I wish you enough,
Wenchy ~♡~

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