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5 January 2012

Big day…… That boy who weight the lightest of all my kids (3.2kg), who loved WWF wrestling and who believed red cars go faster regardless of make or model and who invented dice cricket.

The boy with Oupa Mike’s frown who played club football, who I grew up with, who has stood up for me, and I for him …Kevin really did do things his own way and didn’t mind teachers calling me in the least when he simply didn’t agree on principal… or when he felt something unfair was to happen.

No, he hasn’t been a model child who never screwed up, he is as stubborn as his Mom but thankfully has a backbone. He can be moody, talk crap but is confident and has the potential to be a stand up comic.

He matriculated today with a distinction in Maths and university entrance. I was so incredible happy, proud, excited and wanted to high 5 the world… I was walking on sunshine.

I love you Kevi. I always have been proud, but today I was in overdrive.

I wish you enough

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