Wenchy’s Bucket List

Dear friends and other interesting creatures,

It was an ordinary day as far as pining for your broken marriage went. I started this list on 28 November 2007… It must have been in a moment of supreme hopefulness!

In no particular order, random ideas, big and small, as they popped into my head, experiences I would like to do before I exchange this life for my Hallmark-ish heaven with sunflower fields and blue skies…

  • Shoot a wedding.
  • Shoot a funeral.
  • Take my many, many, many children on a plane.
  • Attend the Cherry festival in Ficksburgh.
  • Eat my first oyster in Knysna.
  • Dance in the rain.
  • See snow.
  • Take my kids on a picnic.
  • Learn how to make a fire.
  • Have plastic surgery. I hate my stomach.
  • Wake up in the arms of a man who loves me.
  • Own my own braai.
  • Attend Gay Pride.
  • Have my oven fixed.
  • Buy a ‘proper‘ car.
  • Own an SLR orgasmic camera.
  • Go for “high tea” at the Mount Nelson Hotel in Cape Town.
  • Go and see a Pantomine at the Johannesburg Civic Theatre.
  • Write my life story.
  • Get paid for writing something.
  • Make love next to a roaring fire. A remote location – a bit of a wooden hut and snow won’t hurt.
  • Visit Lesotho and drive up Sani Pass.
  • Fly far far away and hear….”local time is“.
  • Visit the top of Table Mountain.
  • Go to the mountains with @SirNoid.
  • Ride a horse.
  • Elope! with a square “diamond” (amethyst to be specific) and live happily ever after.
  • Swim in water that is forever deep.
  • Visit Mozambique and eat prawns.
  • Go to the ballet.
  • See Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe / Zambia.
  • Sing “Fever” on a stage with an old style microphone. An evening dress won’t hurt.
  • Ring the bell at The Market Theatre.
  • Ride a Harley.
  • See Billy Conolly LIVE.
  • Attend a 27 dinner.
  • Get paid for a photo I took.
  • Have a lymph drainage massage.
  • Own a kick ass coffee maker.
  • Do a yoga class.
  • Eat a hot dog in Yankee Stadium.
  • Walk in Central Park.
  • Visit New England in autumn.
  • Do a Canopy Tour.
  • Have a magazine article published.


I do not want to be kept alive artificially, if the doctors say I am brain-dead. Please donate anything of mine anyone else can use.

I want a traditional funeral with a lot of tears and some howling. That’s where tradition ends.

I want a gathering like the South African Thanksgiving I dreamt up with sunflowers and yellow roses.

Crying people must have cupcakes with champagne and orange juice. If you not sad, go home!

There must be a huge picture of me with lots of cleavage and a recording of Louis Armstrong singing ‘What a wonderful world’……or I will give you all a small haunting!

I am to be cremated naked and be placed in the Uvongo lagoon on the south coast where I choose to believe the water is forever deep.

I hope Oupa Mike catches me on the way. Although I will know lots more people down below …

9 thoughts on “Wenchy’s Bucket List

  1. Shoot a wedding and a funeral made me giggle, for one minute I thought shoot a gun at a wedding and a funeral (but of course you mean take pictures of the events) LANGUAGE 😉

    New England in autumn (or fall as they call it) is beautiful 🙂

    Seen a few in my short life (or not so short) and I have to admit, the browns, the reds, the burnt orange with little snatches of yellow and green here and there, AMAZING.

    I always tell my hubby I would love to live there again sometime in my lifetime just to experience the fall (though the winter is too harsh)


  2. I am shamelessly going to copy you and post my own bucket list on my own blog. And I will attend your funeral. For the champagne and cupcakes.


  3. I am quite inspired to start my own. Bucket list and blog. Well. No time like the present, I suppose 🙂


  4. don’t know why it has taken me so long to read this … love love love your bucket list. . and I promise if you die before me I will be there howling with sadness and smiling with love… xxx

    Liked by 1 person

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