Wenchy’s Bucket List

I started this list on 28 November 2007….

In no particular order, random things, big and small I would like to do before I exchange this life for my Hallmark-ish heaven with field and blue skies..

  • Shoot a wedding.
  • Shoot a funeral.
  • Take my many, many, many children on a plane.
  • Attend the Cherry festival in Ficksburgh.
  • Eat my first oyster in Knysna.
  • Dance in the rain.
  • See snow.
  • Take my kids on a picnic.
  • Learn how to make a fire.
  • Have plastic surgery. I hate my stomach.
  • Wake up in the arms of a man who loves me.
  • Own my own braai.
  • Attend Gay Pride.
  • Have my oven fixed.
  • Buy a ‘proper‘ car.
  • Own an SLR orgasmic camera.
  • Go for “high tea” at the Mount Nelson Hotel in Cape Town.
  • Go and see a Pantomine at the Johannesburg Civic Theatre.
  • Write my life story.
  • Get paid for writing something.
  • Make love next to a roaring fire. A remote location – a bit of a wooden hut and snow won’t hurt.
  • Visit Lesotho and drive on Sani Pass.
  • Fly far far away and hear….”local time is“.
  • Visit the top of Table Mountain.
  • Go to the mountains with Noid.
  • Ride a horse.
  • Elope! with a square “diamond” (amethyst to be specific) and live happily ever after. 
  • Swim in water that is forever deep.
  • Visit Mozambique and eat prawns.
  • Go to the ballet.
  • See Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe / Zambia.
  • Sing “Fever” on a stage with an old style microphone. An evening dress won’t hurt.
  • Ring the bell at The Market Theatre. 
  • Ride a Harley.
  • See Billy Conolly LIVE.
  • Attend a 27 dinner.
  • Get paid for a photo I took.
  • Have a lymph drainage massage.
  • Own a kick ass coffee maker.
  • Do a yoga class.
  • Eat a hot dog in Yankee Stadium.
  • Walk in Central Park.
  • Visit New England in autumn.
  • Do a Canopy Tour. Petrified. (Whoop! Have done Cape Canopy Tour and Magaliesburg so far!)
  • Ride on a motorbike side car.

2014-04-24 07.48.24-1

  • TO NOTE:
  • I do not want to be kept alive artificially, if the doctors say I am brain-dead. Please donate anything of mine anyone else can use.
  • I want a traditional funeral with a lot of tears and some howling. That’s where tradition ends.
  • I want a gathering like the South African Thanksgiving I dreamt up with sunflowers and yellow roses.
  • Crying people must have cupcakes with champagne and orange juice. If you not sad, go home!
  • There must be a huge picture of me with lots of cleavage and a recording of Louis Armstrong singing ‘What a wonderful world’……or I will give you all a small haunting!
  • I am to be cremated nakkid and be placed in the Uvongo lagoon on the south coast where I choose to believe the water is forever deep.
  • I hope Oupa Mike catches me on the way. Although I will know lots more people down below…..

6 thoughts on “Wenchy’s Bucket List

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  1. Shoot a wedding and a funeral made me giggle, for one minute I thought shoot a gun at a wedding and a funeral (but of course you mean take pictures of the events) LANGUAGE 😉

    New England in autumn (or fall as they call it) is beautiful 🙂

    Seen a few in my short life (or not so short) and I have to admit, the browns, the reds, the burnt orange with little snatches of yellow and green here and there, AMAZING.

    I always tell my hubby I would love to live there again sometime in my lifetime just to experience the fall (though the winter is too harsh)


  2. don’t know why it has taken me so long to read this … love love love your bucket list. . and I promise if you die before me I will be there howling with sadness and smiling with love… xxx

    Liked by 1 person

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