Who is Wenchy?

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Christel-Michel Kruger is better known by her preferred name “Wenchy”, mainly from her blog established in September 1997, “The Nocturnal Wenchy” and her substantial Twitter following.

Wenchy left the Corporate world in 2011. Since entering the Social Media sphere in a full-time capacity in 2013, Wenchy has established herself as a Social Media Diva and Digital Collaborator with continued growth on her Blog, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Over the years Wenchy has collaborated with big and small brands, in many fields and forums. Digital, Print, TV and Radio.

From theatre productions, music festivals to travel and tourism. Book launches and booze, Mental Health and Cancer Awareness campaigns, to accommodation, product and restaurant reviews.

Early in 2019, Wenchy launched a merchandise collection, “African Hips Don’t Lie”. At the core, the collection encourages us to accept and love our bodies. @africanhipsdontlie love assisting with special gifts and slogan T-shirts.

Wenchy is a fierce Mental Health advocate. She is a lover of frivolous laughter and intelligent conversation, with little time for small talk.

Wenchy is an active supporter and friend to the LGBTQ+ community and campaigns to give all people a voice.

In October 2019 Wenchy became a proud Brand Ambassador for @hayleyjoyshop. An exclusive boutique for plus-sized ladies. It has been a life-changing experience.

Above all, she is Proudly South African with a deep sense of the heartbeat of the soil below and the African skies above.

Wenchy is married to @SirNoid and is Mom to the #theoriginalcast and #MamaWench to many.

Facebook/Twitter /Iηstagram : @NocturnalWenchy

wenchy@mweb.co.za / 0834117613 /


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3 thoughts on “Who is Wenchy?

  1. Hi there,

    So I started to study through IMM, had to look for a blog to follow for one of my assignments. Thought I’d let you know your’s was my first choice! Looking forwArd to this journey!

    Great blog!

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