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CounTing down to forTy (Pic A Day): 24 – 26 December 2012

Dinner at The Keg, Linksfield

Dinner at The Keg, Linksfield

Monday, 24 December 2012

An eventful morning of trying to get the house presentable. Dishes, clothes, unhelpful kids. Kyla thankfully organised the troops downstairs and I did upstairs a nd eventually I had 3 grumpy kids showered, dressed and ready to meet Noid…..leaving behind an exhausted Kyla!

Since we are far removed from the white picket fence lane, we have to make do with life, and traditions as we can.

We took the 3 smallest kids we still had with us (some work, some are with other parents etc) to go Christmas shopping.

They each got an amount to spend and they chose to their hearts content. Last year we gave them vouchers but Noid wanted the experience of shopping with them.

It wasn’t as exhausting with the crowds as I thought it would be so I got some bits for lunch that wasn’t included in the @woolworths_sa lunch Noid’s Mom organised and had delivered to us as they now reside in Swellendam.

We joined Kev at The Keg for supper as he was already there with friends. I always have liver and onions. 🙂

Tuesday, Christmas Day, 25 September 2012

Again with the cleaning and I cooked lamb and pork roasts with veg to go with all the yummy bits Mother Mary had @woolworths_sa deliver the day before. Lunch was really nice. I enjoyed it lots!

We did a Skype call with Dion’s parents after which the other parents came to fetch them. It is never nice when the kids leave.

More with the cleaning with great help from Noid and Kyla. Thank you !

Eventually just felt exhausted. TV. Bed.

Tuesday, 26 December 2012

I woke up early. Contemplated gym. Brushed my teeth and back to bed. When I woke up Noid and Kyla were cleaning and doing washing so I did upstairs again. I also kicked Kevin’s ass outta bed to help!

We all did our own thing today…..the rain came. We rescued the washing thankfully!

Am attempting to finish my year end quiz this week.

I wish you enough,

My Butterfly Tattoo representing my kids and I.

My Butterfly Tattoo representing my kids and I.

Hair :)

Hair 🙂

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3 responses to “CounTing down to forTy (Pic A Day): 24 – 26 December 2012”

  1. Where’s the year end quiz!?!? Am I mistaken in believing the list of 40-odd questions is your own creation from forever ago…?


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