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Force yourself.

Hello again, hello –

From time to time, I ask that you de-lurk…. stop, click on the comment button and be proper… “SAY HELLO”… as simple as that. It could be your good deed for the day you know, or just plain being polite, en so. 🙂  I am convinced that is what Jesus would do and everything.

I look forward to your HELLO’S !!! 🙂

  • I really, big time, serious love my job. I hold myself to high standards and I don’t like just doing an “okay” job. It has to be GREAT work….. no, I don’t cut myself much slack. Add it to my list of stuff I’m suppose to relax about.
  • I work with nice people, who make me think and laugh and want to strangle them (with a lead pipe in the library and call me Miss Scarlet) …. best thing I did was transfering from hell to normality.
  • I truly do love the company I keep, the work I do…. the environment… I’m just exhausted.
  • My Mom is seriously ill…. (she is intensely private unlike me and wouldn’t want me talking about it) to the point where I hold my breathe even more than usual when I see their home number come up.
  • My Mom is only 58. I’ll be 38 in June and Kevin will be 18 in August. I would be very happy if my Mom could stick around for Kevin’s 18th. That would be a good thing.
  • I so wanted to go to sleep early tonight…. instead I spent a fair amount of the evening in tears and now it is 11pm again. 😦
  • It is It is 50 days, 4 hours, 59 minutes, 30 seconds until we go to the sea for our first family holiday.

Thursday, 3 February 2011 –  I am very pleased that I won the Distributor of the month (again heheheh) for January 2011.  I really do love the Tranquil Body Treats products.

Today’s picture is what I bathed with today, so the products are still wet….in the beautiful fragrance and colour of blue-bell and thistle. The name alone I thought was delightful!

There is currently a fabulous special for the month of February in any of the following fragrances: vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, lavender, lemon, lemon grass, apple lemon, blue-bell and thistle, vanilla rooibos, rose, grapefruit or mandarin.

  • 1 x Body Salt Scrub or Body Sugar Scrub @ R90
  • 1 x Body Mousse @ R90
  • 1 x Shaving Mousse @ R90 (specify gents or ladies – ladies shaving mousse available in the following fragrances only: grapefruit, vanilla, lavender and lemon grass)

Selling at  R270.00 …….. and you receive a shower gel valued at R40.00 and a glycerine soap valued at R25.00 absolutely free.  You save R65.00. Not too shabby that!

I wish you enough,



21 responses to “Force yourself.”

  1. Hi, ek lees gereeld jou blog, sorry vir lurking – lol – jy skryf stunning en ek het heelwat al geleer van jou. Dankie vir jou blog.


  2. Hello?


  3. LOVE YOU!

    You can put me down for one of those specials….Ladies Shave gel please!

    I am buying it as a gift for my wife. Please check with her which Flovour


  4. Ek is baie jammer oor Ma


  5. Saying ‘HELLO PROPER’..coz your blog is the far…have always thought so…..!!!! Keep up the excellent work Wenchy…. you say it how it is!!! xxxxxx


  6. Sorry about your mom.


  7. I want to say hello and wish you enough xx


  8. Hello 😉
    Sorry to hear about your mom. She is in my prayers.
    How ironic … your mom gave birth to you when she was 20 and so did you with your son. Cool


  9. “HELLO”!!!!!!! You brighten up my day with your words…..I get into work, open up my computer, log in and go straight to your blog in the hope that you have already posted!!! I love your honesty…it is pleasantly refreshing in the world we live in today – keep writing and never loose your wonderful nuttiness!!!

    Love your favourite X wife xxxx


  10. Hellooooooooooo 😛

    Just rediscovered your blog a few days ago, I was sooooo excited to see you’re blogging again lady! And I was surprised/happy to read that you got married, how awesome!


  11. I read your blog and don’t comment often – sorry. One day you’ll invite me to your house and I’ll drink your coffee and eat your biscuits and not say thank you.

    So sorry about your Mom, I can’t even begin to imagine how hard it is to watch your parent when they are that ill.

    I adore bluebells.



  12. Saying hi, because you said I had to :p Hope your mom gets/feels better soon.


  13. So sorry about your Mom, I have experienced this and know it’s not easy see a parent when they are that ill. I wish you all peace.
    Well done on being the Distributor of the month … do you deliver to Cape Town?
    Bye for now 🙂


  14. Hello Chris, sending hugs for your Mom sending you the strength you need…..


  15. Sorry about your mom. I think I comment quite a lot here, but read everything.


  16. Hello vriendin. Jammer oor jou Mammie.


  17. So sorry to hear about your mom. Sending lots of strenght and love to you. Congrats on being the agent of the month. That is awesome. The products really look great. I def will put that on my list of things to get when I have anything left after all the accounts. (Here’s hoping).

    WOW 14 comments. Cool.


  18. Wishing your mom well, it’s not easy 😦


  19. Hello Darling, so sorry about your Mom. Will keep you all in my thoughts.

    btw…I see you are reading The Bean Trees by Barbie Kingsolver. How are you finding it? I have The Lacuna on my bookshelf but haven’t had the time for it yet. I absolutely loved THE POISONWOOD BIBLE. Have you read that one?


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